Should UFC add more weight classes for their fighters?

There seems to be a growing concern when it comes to fighters trying, and sometimes, struggling to cut weight for their intended weight class. Some fighters are infamous for missing weight and often they will move to another division, but this can affect them badly depending on which weight they move to. There has been chatter in the MMA community regarding new weight classes.

Atomweight (105lbs)

Many fans believe the UFC would benefit from adding an Atomweight division. There would an increase in new talent joining the organisation, and it would be beneficial for those who struggle at Strawweight as fighters will compete in the weight class, but it is not their natural weight. Invicta FC has this weight class already and it would be a great addition to the UFC.

Super Lightweight (165lbs)

This weight class seems to intrigue people the most. Firstly, the number of exciting fights that could be made in this division is intriguing. It is a perfect addition for the smaller Welterweights and bigger Lightweights. Someone like Kevin Lee could really benefit from this. We saw Paul Felder accept the RDA fight on five days notice and yes, he made weight, but it must have been a tough cut unless he was already working out. If the UFC implemented a 165lb division it would make situations like this a bit easier on fighters.

Cruiserweight (225lbs)

There is 60lbs difference between the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions. That is the biggest difference across all weight classes in the UFC. The introduction of a Cruiserweight division would be beneficial to a lot of fighters in the organisation. A perfect example is Jon Jones. He has recently been working on a move to Heavyweight, something he has spoken often about in the past. Jones was a big Light Heavyweight and a Cruiserweight division would have been perfect for him. There are a lot of massive Heavyweights and it will be interesting to see how he carries the extra weight. Similar to the 165lb division, there are a lot of great fights that could be made if the UFC introduced the weight class.

Why doesn’t the UFC have these weight classes already?

There is a possibility that the UFC and perhaps some fans are hesitant to see these weight classes fearing it may become like boxing. Another possible reason might be that, when it comes to the UFC, people like the old way. When the Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions were being introduced in 2011, some were apprehensive as they liked the five weight classes. Others, particularly those who were interested in WEC at the time, welcomed the idea and the organisation has only grown since the addition of those weight classes.

Would you like to see these weight classes be introduced to the UFC? Let us know in the comments.

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