James Vick suffers brutal KO in his XMMA debut vs Andre Fialho

Ex-UFC fighter James Vick got off to a terrible start in his XMMA debut after leaving the UFC in 2019. His opponent was the Portuguese journeyman Andre Fialho who demolished Vick and ended the fight at the 2.21 minute mark in round 2. After a barrage of punches, Vick’s body eventually gave in and the ref stood in, seconds after he had already fell to the canvas. During the onslaught, he tried in vain to defend with a couple of weak roundhouse kicks to the body but this was not enough. Whilst his body was clearly bloodied and beaten, he also proved his toughness by taking a number of brutal shots yet remained standing.

Sadly for Vick, his MMA career has taken a bad turn since 2018. Before late 2018, his record stood at 13-1. What’s more impressive is the ‘Texecutioner’s record in the UFC was 9-1 at that point. Nonetheless, the entry into his 30’s did not start well. His record now stands at 13-6 and is on a 5 fight loss streak.

Not only this but during the loss, the XMMA commentators speculated that he could have suffered a broken nose and orbital, rubbing further salt into the proverbial wounds. For victor Fialho, it was a different story. The ex-Bellator fighter himself had recently been on a bleak run of losses and cancelled bouts, losing his previous 3. However, he is now back on track, taking his record to an impressive 10-4.

Whatever happens next to Vick is still unknown. Of course, it is never nice to see a fighter get so badly beaten and it makes you wonder about the long-term health repercussions with issues such as CTE too. With this said, we can only wish Vick a speedy recovery and hope he is back to his best soon.

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