Ben Askren weighs in with a ‘beer belly’.

The weigh in is done, the talking is over and all that is left is for the two men to get the fight done. Ben Askren and Jake Paul both made weight of 191 and 191 1/2 respectively.

If, and its a big if, the former One FC champion Ben Askren can defeat the YouTube star Jake Paul then it could spell the end of the YouTuber’s ‘boxing‘ career. On the other hand if the loud, abrasive American wins then we won’t hear the end of it and he will no doubt call out another non boxer to carry on the pretence that he is a legit boxer.

Although both fighters weighed around the same weight, there can be no doubt that Paul looks in great shape, on the other hand Askren looked a bit flabby around the midriff.

Askren has been relaxed throughout the build up to this fight with Paul more on edge, Askren has big fight experience however not known for his stand up skills, maybe he is only here for the payday and hasn’t trained as hard as he could.

“I thought Jake Paul’s cheerleading squad was quite rude,” joked the 36-year-old Askren in his interview with Ray Flores. “We’ve got the legendary Michael Buffer up here, these motherfuckers are interrupting him. That was terrible! Rude, guys!”

Paul feels Askren has underestimated him.

“I see a guy who’s underestimating me. I see a guy who’s taking this as a joke. I see a guy who said, ‘I have to take a shit’ in the face-off,” Paul said. “This is the last 24 hours that we will all have to hear Ben Askren. This one means a lot to me.

“I don’t think he makes it out of two rounds. I mean, look at the guy. He’s got a beer belly. Clearly didn’t take training camp seriously. Look we all did the talking, we did the entertainment shit, but now it’s time to let the fists fly.”

There is one legit boxing fight on the card as former light-welter World Champion Regis Prograis (25-1, 21KOs) is back in action as he takes on Ivan Redkach (23-5-1, 18KOs) in a 10 round bout.

Triller are looking to break into boxing and more of the Prograis-Redkach fights are the way to go and maybe add in one or two ‘celebrity’ bouts rather than other way round.

Image Credit:Triller Fight Club

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