Deontay Wilders trainer Malik Scott releases scary footage of his speed and power.

Deontay Wilder has gone from loud and boastful world champion to silent, but a lurking contender.

Following the controversy of a mandated rematch clause against Tyson Fury for a trilogy. The Alabama native has quietly been working behind the scenes until last night when The Bronze Bombers trainer Malik Scott release some incredible footage of Deontay Wilder on the pads via his Instagram account.

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Malik Scott recently commented on the Wilder/Fury situation in an interview with 78SPORTSTV.

“We built a facility to do a licensed homicide,” said Scott. “Deontay Wilder is not playing. He built a facility to get this job done. When he wakes up and rolls out of bed it’s right to work. Everything we’re doing he’s right to work.” He continued to say, “I’ve never seen it before from him like this at this level. I’m proud of him already for what we’re about to get done.”

Although we won’t get the British summer showdown between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, things are starting to seem more interesting across the pond stateside in Wilders camp. If the first and second fight is anything to go off of then we are in for a real treat in the triliogy. July 24th couldn’t come sooner!

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