Anderson Silva defeats Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

Anderson Silva defeats Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

Former middleweight legend Anderson “The Spider” Silva defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr by split decision in the former boxing champions home country of Mexico.

The 8 round fight started off with Julio Cesar pushing the pace as he demonstrated his ring experience for the first two rounds of the fight, all while Silva was finding his range as well as getting more comfortable with each round showing impressive composure and cardio.

Near the halfway point of the fight, Anderson began looking like his glory days with constant head movement and footwork that was unrelenting from bell to bell, his opponent looked slow and a bit out of shape as he was getting peppered with uppercuts and punches from angles that he could not see coming and was slow to respond to the former MMA champions speed and quickness and was unable to respond with any firepower of his own.

After the fight, Julio was visibly upset and told the in-ring announcer that at the very least the fight should’ve been a draw. Anderson was asked about a potential comeback, he responded that he wants to return very soon, this was Silvas comeback to boxing after not competing professionally since 2005 where he also won via KO.

The Boxers vs MMA rivalry has finally swung in the favour of the MMA side as we have been seeing an unfortunate streak of MMA fighters taking L’s in the boxing ring with fights like Mayweather vs Mcgregor, Paul vs Askern, Cunningham vs Mir breaking the hearts of MMA fanatics worldwide.

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