Conor McGregor backstage confrontation with Rafael Dos Anjos

During episode 6 of the UFC‘s Embedded series for UFC 264 a moment was captured behind the scenes shortly after Conor McGregor weighed in, he was scene walking backstage where he saw the man he was originally supposed to face for the 155lb belt back in 2016, Rafael Dos Anjos. It’s not clear why the confrontation happened, but according to RDA, Conor “Tried to sneak behind me and size me up”. The two former champions were separated before anything physical ensued with Conor shouting verbal abuse such as  “You bottled it over a sore foot”. This refers to RDA pulling out of their scheduled 2016 title bout due to an injured foot, a cancellation that led to the now legendary first fight between McGregor and Nate Diaz.

RDA still seemed very keen on the prospect of fighting McGregor saying “whenever he wants we can fight, we can fight here”. Dos Anjos had also just weighed in, serving as the back-up for the main event and later tweeted “Conor you’re such a snake, sneaking from behind and playing tough. Soon or later we will finish business. I’m not like the guys you play around with.”. With an already pre-existing feud, could this be a possible future fight for McGregor? or has the time for this match-up already passed?

McGregor has been considerably more confrontational in the build up to this fight, both online and in person. The press conference for UFC 264 was a classic McGregor showing, with quick replies and insults flying left, right and centre. Dustin wasn’t without his moments though, arguably having the best lines of the night when Conor was asked what had sparked the personality change, Dustin Replied it was because he was “Knocked the fuck out” which got a big reaction from the audience, and even more when he remarked “not McGregor fast McGregor sleep” referencing McGregors own training app.

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