Matt Figlak on the pursue for CW Welterweight gold

Friday, Cage Warriors took the news to social media to announce the welterweight championship will be vacated due to the current welterweight champion Ian Garry making his big move to the UFC.

With that being said a lot of names were thrown into the comment section, one being 5-1 Mateusz Figlak. One half of the other ‘The Figlak Brothers’ fighting out of Trojan Free Fighters under head coach Paul Sutherland.

Matt Figlak a strong contender for the title holds 4 stoppage’s over his 5 wins and one loss, coming from that of Ian Garry.


Matt, thank you for coming on today, how are things? How is training? Training is going great, I train every day I don’t take breaks. Maybe after a fight for a couple of days and then I get straight back into it. Being a martial artist is part of my life. It’s a daily occurrence, it’s a lifestyle, I made this decision many years ago.

Training is going well under Paul. I’ve got many training partners and of course my brother, Mario (Saeed), many amateurs and professionals. I also train at Ironman MMA under Ronnie Mann, I have been training under him for a little while, you know he’s a legend in the sport.


Obviously, you cant talk about Matt Figlak without asking how Mical Figlak is? Mical is good, as you know he started this journey together with me, we started this together with me every day. Two sessions daily that’s what we’re doing, he’s doing good. The same as me you know, we’re always pushing each other to get ready for the future, we’re getting better daily.

We make each other better, we have two minds instead of one. It’s like sometimes he can see something I can’t see and he’ll tell me and vice versa, we feed off each other.

I believe sibling rivalry pushes you to get better you got someone that knows you inside out, it’s a special bond different than friends. We can understand each other’s moods when it comes to training, when to up the level in sparring and when weight cutting. We know each other’s limits and thresholds.


Talk to me about your last fight against Josh Plant? He was a game opponent, I knew he was going to try and exchange with me, he also has a judo background so, I did think maybe he would clinch. but I trust in my ability and style. I knew the fight would play into my hands, I looked for the opening and stayed composed and any opportunity to take him out I went for it. I’m looking to finish fights I want to take people out, I want to give fight fans what they want to see.

I hurt him on the counter with the right hand, he got hurt by that and he gave me a sign when he put his hand up so, there was the opening. I went to the body classic liver shot and he went down. It didn’t have to be hard it was all about the placement people neglect the body, you got to make use of everything all your weapons, and capitalized on mistakes made by the opposition.


What are your thoughts on the current vacant Welterweight Championship Title? I feel I am number one, I feel I should be the next one for the title. I’ll fight anyone they put in front of me it doesn’t matter who the fighter is. If people on social medial are saying me against Burlinson, then that’s the fight to make. Cage Warriors will make that decision and they know my goal is to get that title and like the many if I have to defend the title I’ll do that and then ill move onto the UFC.

The people in the MMA community acknowledge that I’m number one in CW a lot of fans think I should be fighting for the title and if that’s what the people want then let’s make it happen.


And what a story it will make the avenge that loss against Ian Garry?

The Ian Garry fight, I believe that fight will happen in the UFC. I’m happy that he’s doing well and he’s in the UFC, but ill get into the UFC and ill keep doing hard work and when our paths cross were do it again. As a fighter, you always want to get that loss back, but I’m not concentrating on that now the opportunity will come once I’m in the UFC. That will be a great storyline and something exciting for MMA.


Look out for breaking news on Cage Warriors match-up of the vacant Welterweight Championship.

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