The “Huyton Hammer” emerges from the dust of CW 123. interview with Mick Stanton

In the aftermath of an action-packed event from Cage Warriors 123. We have all had time to catch our breaths from an explosive card at York Hall back in June.

As fighters and the promotion look forward to sunny San Diego, we take a look back at one of the more extraordinary moments at 123.


Mick Stanton v George Smith was one of the best and shortest bouts we got to see on that epic night, June 24th.


I was lucky enough to grab some time with the “Huyton Hammer,” to reflect on his amazing victory that evening, plus a little look into the future of what’s next for the middleweight powerhouse, after his amazing 4 fight win streak.


I would like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to talk to me today, also to congratulate you on your phenomenal win at CW 123.


Right from the get-go we could see why they call you the “Huyton Hammer.” That shot nearly took Smith’s head clean off. Were you looking to end it right from the get-go?


“The plan was to push the pace and make it a dog fight from the start. As I stood in front of him I could see he was hesitant so I just let the shots go.”


It was an amazing card, but yours and few others stand out the most for me. You took control right from the off and stayed dominant throughout the 1st, was this all part of a well-oiled plan?


“I knew I was the better grappler and I knew he would shoot for the takedown when I started letting them hands go, the plan worked perfectly.”


In all my years of watching this amazing sport, and my favourite organisation, only a handful of times have I seen such amazing takedown defence. Every time Smith went for it, Stanton had the answer. Definitely in the top 10 of ground control after that incredible display. Ending Smith 3:45 in R2, with phenomenal ground and pound.


Going into this, no one could have guessed that it would be over so quickly. I’m surprised it lasted the 1st with the raw power you showed. Where most would fizzle out after having so much ground control, you just kept going. Your stamina reminds me a little of Clay Guida‘s. Without giving too much away, what steps do you take to keep this level of conditioning?


“The conditioning we do at ASW is at a different level. It’s old school blood, sweat and tears. I look forward to showing it over 3 rounds or even 5 rounds in the future.”


It was such an amazing night for you and the team in York Hall. I bet you’re anticipating getting back in there, is there anyone in particular that you would like to take on next to possibly advance that win streak?


Thank you. It was a good solid win after a tough year. I’ll fight anyone, I want the big names, the goal is the title, but Bonner doesn’t seem to want to defend it at the moment, he’s looking at other options. I believe I deserve a title shot. I have 4 solid wins in the middle of the cage, and in the rankings, there’s no one who is coming off a good solid win above me. But let’s see who they offer me.


Again congratulations on your powerful finish, I for one am looking forward to your return to the cage, I’m hoping to be in attendance now the restrictions are being lifted. Do you have a message for the fans and anybody you’d like to shout out?


“Big thanks to ASW and Urban Kingz Mma. All my fans & a massive thanks to Heavy Duty for all their help and hard work.”


Who will Cage Warriors pick for Stanton? Only time will tell, but I have to agree with the “Huyton Hammer” on this one, a top 3 opponent is well deserved after his astounding destruction of anyone who crosses his path.

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