Post fight interview with ONE Championship’s Thomas Narmo

A lot was going on behind the scenes pre-fight for Thomas Narmo, a lot the MMA world never knew. Today I caught up with Thomas to speak with him about these issues, as well as what’s next for the Norwegian heavyweight.

Staying in isolation before your bout must have been tough. I, for one, know just how much of a strain it is on your mental health. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this?

“At first I thought it was going to be ok, but to be honest it was quite brutal. Fight week can be a tough test for anyone getting ready to step in that cage and for me travelling alone to Singapore, with no coach or cornerman was really tough. Starting to feel lonely and breaking down after about 5 days I guess. I just wanted to go home, staying locked in a room for 24 hours for an entire week with no human contact other than a few media things and different medical tests was quite tough. Most fighters would never have gone to the other side of the world without a coach, to fight in one of the biggest MMA shows in the world. But I did it and sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to make it in this game.”

You took a pretty brutal shot that night v Alain Ngalani at Battleground 2, it was heard all over the arena, did the no contest displease you?

“Yeah that was quite painful, I was rushed to the hospital right after leaving the cage. Had to do different scans etc… turns out they found a hernia so, to everyone claiming I was faking it, I hope you are proud! Yeah, I think a “no contest” due to an injury should be rebooked asap!”

Too many people are too quick to cast their opinions when a fighter falls. It’s great to be able to get your voice heard on this. What’s next for you after your recovery? A rematch?

“I really want that rematch, I travelled without a cornerman and limited training. I know I can beat him! I think he knows it too! So he is probably going to avoid it. I have no problem moving forward. I know who I want to fight and I am 100% sure I am the only one in that division that will show up against anyone! My opinion is that people should start to compete instead of looking to handpick opponents.”

Who else on the current roster are you eyeing up for your next bout if you can’t secure the rematch?

“I hope to fight 2 more times this year! It would be an honour to get on the New Years eve card and fight someone like ex-champ Brandon Vera! But I will fight anyone ONE Championship wants me to.”

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