Interview with Cage Warriors Sam “Urai” Creasey

Sam “Urai” Creasey 14-3-0 is a professional Mixed Martial Artist, currently competing in the Flyweight Division. A professional competitor since 2015, he has competed for FightUK, KnuckleUp MMA, M4TC, Macto Championships and is on the current roster of Cage Warriors.


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for speaking with me today, how has training been? Being in-between camps, it must be refreshing at the gym.


“No problem, great to speak with you mate. Training has been going well, I’ve had some time to go away and work on things stylistically that need improvement. I love training between fights without the stresses that come with a fight camp. It gives me more chances to try new ideas out in the gym and express myself in a way I probably wouldn’t in a fight camp.”


I would also like to congratulate you on recently being awarded your BJJ black belt. It’s such a high honour. What was going through your mind when you found out the amazing news?


“Thank you, it’s an honour and a privilege to be awarded by black belt by Kev Capel. To be honest, it was a massive shock, I’m always trying to look at martial arts through the eyes of a beginner, to see where I can make improvements, but I guess all this time on the mats training hard has crept up on me!”


Over the course of the year, fight fans have been treated to a trio of victories in regards to your addition to fighting cards, spanning over CW 116, CW 117 and CW 123. The question on everybody’s mind is, what’s next for you in the Flyweight division, after your amazing opportunity to grab the vacant CageWarriors Flyweight Gold?


“It’s been a somewhat satisfying run of victories for me in such a trying time for many. First off I have the title fight with Luke Shanks‘ to experience, a great fighter, he’s going to push me to my limits and test me like I’ve not been before. Beyond that, who knows.”


At CW 123, the finalists were set in stone. Luke Shanks’ dominant performance saw him defeat Nicholas Leblond by a unanimous decision vote by the judges. And Luke’s astonishing performance left no doubt in the judges’ minds to give him the majority vote in another unanimous decision victory vs Aaron Aby.


Cage Warriors was a huge hit over in San Diego back in August. And with another installation due to hit the city in motion once again in October, the whole roster must be buzzing with the thought of being included. Does this peak your interest?


“San Diego looked amazing with the outdoor event. I’ve always wanted to compete somewhere like that, but time will tell. In the meantime, I’ll be in the gym looking to master myself.”


America, for most of the fighting world, has always been the aim and with the English organisation’s reach now stretching to the stateside, it’s time for CageWarriors to shine on the biggest stage of them all. Could this be the stage for the unannounced Flyweight Championship belt, only time will tell?


Last but not least, have you a message for the fans that are going to be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout out to?


“For the fans, welcome back, we’ve missed you! Shout out to all my sponsors, gyms, teammates, sparring partners and of course my wonderful family for allowing me to chase my dreams.”

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