How to watch FSC 29: ticket link, start times & fightcard information

We are now within striking distance of the highly anticipated international debut for Fightstar Championship in Belgium. with So much hard work put in by both the promotion and fighters alike, Belgium is no doubtably in for a night of violence that will echo across the country for some time to come.



Fightstar Championship 29 will consist of 38 high profile warriors from the UK and Belgium making up the 19 edge your seat barnburners for fight night at the COS 2 Arena.


With all participants’ weigh-ins completed earlier today, all that is left is the pure unadulterated organised violence to commence. Below you can find all you’ll need to know ahead of what’s set to be a bloodbath in the Battlefield of Europe.







FLW: Mahmoud Alsuliman 1-1-0 (Team Lamiro) vs. Deni Arskhanov 1-0-0 (Deathrow)


FLW: Reda Hayfa 6-7-0 (FFM) vs. Brad Deketer 1-4-0 (ABC Cappelle)


WW: Emin Abdulkhazahiev 3-1-0 (Deathrow) vs. Jessy Joaquim 2-1-1 (Team Lamiro)


LW: Ryan Eren Agbo 4-1-0 (Cut Team) vs. Joey Nasello 3-3-0 (La Cage)


FW: Romain Minon 2-2-0 (Mind Athletics) vs. Idriss Altidor 1-1-0 (La Cage)


CW 60kg: Hamza Astamirov 7-5-0 (La Cage) vs. Zakaria M’Rabet 10-6-1 (Da Vinci)


WW: Mozane Malivert 3-0-1 (Unlock) vs. Ilias Alikhadjiev 5-4-0 (United Fighters Gent)


MW: Baisangur Sardalov 4-2-0 (Deathrow) vs. Jo Barros 1-0-1 (Valon Team) 


FW: Oscar Hughes 3-3-0 (Team UK) vs. Goran Mohammad Panahi 4-5-0 (Team Europe


LW: Uri Fraser 1-0-0 (Team UK) vs. Hursit Goktas 3-2-0 (Team Europe)


FLW: Nathanael Woods 3-3-0 (Team UK) vs. Hamid Safi 9-4-0 (Team Europe)


LW: Zohaib Mehmood 2-1-0 (Team UK) vs. Daniel Baroiani 4-1-0 (Team Europe)


FW: Callum Hanman 5-3-0 (Team UK) vs. Arthur Derycke 8-4-0 (Team Europe)






FLW Title: Tommy Clarke 10-4-0 (Team UK) vs. Nessim Akhdim 20-5-0 (Team Europe)


FW Title: Jake McEvoy 7-4-1 (Team UK) vs. Rachman Tchekuyev 11-3-0 (Team Europe)


Pro LHW: Lukasz Stankiewicz 2-0-0 (High Kick Academy) vs. Moustapha Diakhate 1-0-0 (Valon Team)


Pro MW: Guillerme de Assis 1-4-0 (Garage Team) vs. Alvi Dasuyev 1-0-0 (Deathrow)


Pro CW 73kg: Ognjen Zivanovic 2-6-0 vs. Stiven Shehu 1-1-0 (La Cage)


Pro HW: Arya Hosseini 3-14-1 (Mikes Gym) vs. Boris Mbarga 1-0-0 (Team Sendo)


Tickets are still available so if you want in on the action, follow the link here.



COS 2 Arena | La Garenne, Rue des Olympiades 2, 6000 Charleroi, Belgium


Start time


Doors open at 5pm, first fight will commence at 6pm.

Unfortunately, FSC will not be live streamed. So keep an eye out over FSC’s social media here for fight results over.

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