Joffie Kingsley Houlton speaks about Contenders 31

Joffie Kingsley Houlton speaks about Contenders 31

For the fifth fight of the breathtaking fight card, Contenders31 had to offer, we had an explosive Heavyweight showdown between Mario Pinto of Titan Fighting Gym vs Joffie Kingsley Houlton of SGB Manchester. The Heavyweight Division in all contact sports is always one not to be missed and we were not disappointed.


Right from the get-go, we were reminded of why it is the most feared and respected division in Mixed Martial Arts. Lasting through only round one, we saw a very confident Pinto charge Houlton, with thunderous shots to the nose which left a severe cut to the bridge of Houlton. This didn’t faze Houlton though, both exchanging thunderous blows back and forth. But despite a valiant effort, it was not Houlton’s night and lost by TKO via ground and pound 2.30 of the very first round.


I got to catch up with Joffie after his bout, for some insight into the match and his thoughts on the outcome.


Thank you for taking the time to speak with me Joffie, how do you feel after that amazing war?


“I’m fine, obviously my face is a little bit sore. Don’t feel like I had an issue there, it was just one of them bouts, it kinda is what it is.”


You went in quite a hard right from the start. Did you study your opponent leading up to tonight, to think that this was your best approach?


“I came in with a game plan myself. It’s nothing to do with my opponent, he’s just a body. I felt like I was executing my game plan. I got on tight with a kimura at one stage, in all honesty, I thought it was done. He did well to escape, it is what it is.”


Will you be looking for redemption in your next fight by trying to get Contenders to match you up with Pinto again?


“I’ve taken two L’s on the bounce now and for me, I’m just gonna go back to the gym and work hard. Everything else other than training is irrelevant at the minute.”


Before I leave you to rest up is there anyone you’d like to thank or give a shout out to?


“To my team helping me out in the corner, all my teammates at SGB Manchester, I just wanna say sorry to everybody, like. Next time I’ll get you a win.”


I’m sure it won’t be too long before we see Joffie in action again. Look out for the Heavyweights of Contenders though. Witnessing them has shown me the Heavyweights are superhuman on the current roster.

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