Review of Contenders 31 in London

Review of Contenders 31 in London

Contenders 31 was the organisation’s first outing to the Capital City and what a night it was. From a star-studded card to amazing catering. Contenders pulled out all the stops to make their first trip to London one to remember.


A night all fans in attendance will never forget. A stacked card featuring some of the best fighters the Mixed Martial Arts industry has to offer. The atmosphere was buzzing like a lightning storm with excitement and enthusiasm. 


We were offered the delights of talented amateurs, skilled boxers and hard-hitting professionals, all looking to entertain the crowd and show that they are worthy of the win.


15 action-packed bouts that had the crowds out of their seats. Credit to the medical staff, who were quick to respond to the safety of the fighters. You can tell that the safety of the fighters was top of the organisation’s priorities.


As well as a fantastic security team at hand, showing their ability to keep the excited crowd within their limits. If ever Contenders come to your neck of the woods, I guarantee you will be in for a night of action-packed unadulterated Mixed Martial Arts madness.


I was lucky enough to attend the organisation’s first trip to the Capital and I have to say it was one of the best of my MMA experiences.


Below I shall drop a link to the Contenders website so you can check for all future events, as well as information on the amazing work they do.

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