Interview with Madars “The Latvian Express” Fleminas ahead of his upcoming bout with Oban Elliot at CW132

Madars “Latvain Express” Fleminas 8-3-0 is a Latvian professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Welterweight Division, representing Hard Work MMA. A professional competitor since 2017, he has competed for Caged Steel FC, Almighty Fighting Championship, Fightstar Championship and Cage Warriors.


I appreciate you taking the time to speak to me today Madars. It has been a long time coming but fight fans will get to see you go to war again at CW132.


How does it feel to be back at the iconic York Hall, a place you’ve given the fans some of the most immense wars the organisation has ever seen?


“It’s great to be back and even better being back with fans in attendance, it’s been a while since I fought in there with fans, so it will feel so much different. I feel like the last three fights without them affected me showing my full potential. The crowd gave me that extra boost, I always questioned myself, did all the fights go the way they did because I lacked the boost from them. I love cheers and even the boos from the public, it gives me a different vibe to fight, and I can’t wait to be back and fight in front of the atmosphere again.”


I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed your journey leading up to your return, no pun intended, your hard work put in at Hard Work MMA. In my opinion, The fans of London are going to witness a different ‘Latvian Express’ come December 11th. What can fans come to expect upon your return?


“I’ve been building Hard Work MMA, the place where I train in Grimsby myself. I still travel to Nottingham four to two times a week for wrestling and sparring rounds. Also, travel to Lincoln Lockdown MMA for some grappling rounds and Gripper jiu-jitsu. Every day I try to build a small team around me in Grimsby. Learning a lot atm, trying to give back to the community in Grimsby and also to my team Hard Work MMA. What to expect? expect what you always expect, I will give it all to get my win, I will come forward, and we will have a great fight.”


You’re making a comeback in true warrior fashion, adding to the list of CW big names when you take on Oban “The Welsh Gangster” Elliott. What do you make of your opponent for Double trouble?


“Oban Elliot, there are no hard feelings towards him, I love challenges, he had a great last night. he had a great interview after the fight. he’s got a bit of hype, Cage Warriors love to promote him, but he’ll have a hard fight with me, they don’t realise till they step in the cage with me how awkward I am to fight. No one can mirror my footwork and striking ability, I’m just a bit different, and that’s why I’m where I am today. He’s got some great skills too, so it will be a great war for the fans to witness, the crowd will be the winners for this one.”


Other than your inclusion to the card, are there any potential fights that are confirmed and unconfirmed that you are particularly looking forward to witnessing?


“For me, I’m looking forward to Christian Duncan‘s fight. I think he is one of the most exciting prospects in cage warriors, and always looking forward to watching my previous opponent’s fights too. I always wish well for them, even the ones who’ve beaten me.”


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance on the night and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“Like I always say, I’m confident and dangerous, don’t blink and enjoy. Big shout out to my wife and kids. I always go away to the big fight camps with big gyms for 2/3 months, but I couldn’t imagine my life without them around. I want to see my son’s football games, I want to see my daughters ballet, so I try to do my best in different ways. This sport takes so much time and I’m glad I managed to be around my family. Still managing to fight on the biggest stage in Europe. I live this sport, I love it, I’m still improving, and I’m happy I don’t lose time with my kids. Big shout out to my three friends who have been with me from the beginning, Arturs Aleksejevs, Jack Kirwin and Didz Noakes, they’ve always been with me for the good times and the bad. Thanks to my sponsors
















“And thanks MC Engineering Solutions for coming on board as my new sponsor. all aboard! The Latvian Express is on its way to London!”


A powerful message from a returning warrior, York Hall is going to be shaken to its very foundations with the final card of the year. Be sure not to miss out on CW132, you might just be missing one of the action-packed events of the MMA Callender.


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