Interview with Matthew “The Beast” Bonner ahead of his upcoming bout with Dejati Melan at CW131

Interview with Matthew “The Beast” Bonner ahead of his upcoming bout with Dejati Melan at CW131

Matthew Bonner 10-6-1 is an English professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Middleweight Division, representing Next Gen Liverpool. A professional competitor since 2018. He has competed for Tankō Fighting Championship, Full Contact Contender, Shinobi Fighting Championship, Budo Fighting Championship and CageWarriors


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me again Matthew, how’s training been going in the build-up to your first scheduled title defence?


“No problem, thanks for inviting me again. Training has been the same as the other camps. Hard work, draining at times, but also very rewarding. There are no easy rounds in the gym and everyone is at a high level.”


The bout has been set in stone for double trouble on December 10th. You will face the undefeated Djati Melan for your first title defence since claiming the middleweight strap back in June. Have you had the opportunity to do a little research on Melan?


“I have. I think it’s important to recognise he hasn’t fought in a while, but his style is very unique. He’s very passive in striking and likes to wrestle on the back foot.”


Even though Melan has, in the past, been a part of a CageWarriors card, he is not part of the list of middleweights that have been yearning for the chance to face you at the iconic York Hall. How do you feel about someone being brought in instead of facing a warrior from the current roster?


“I think that’s a statement to how I’ve run through the division honestly. They’ve been forced to bring in someone because I’ve demolished the rest of the division. No one else had the credentials or experience to step in, which is why CageWarriors have been forced to look elsewhere.”


Many have been requesting a shot at your belt, in the months since you defeated Nathias Frederick at CW123. But one that sticks in my mind will be a part of the second bullet from the shotgun which is Double Trouble. Over recent months, Mick Stanton has expressed his desire to face you inside the cage. How likely is it that the fans will have the opportunity to see this one day on a future card?


“If CageWarriors want me to fight Mick Stanton, then I’ll fight him. There’s no great conspiracy against Mick and I’m certainly not running scared from him. The fact is he’s won one fight out of his last four. That’s not how you earn a title shot on the biggest MMA show in Europe.”


In the past, we spoke about your aspirations to become a champion in two weight divisions. Preferably the welterweight division, is this still a feat you’d like to achieve within your career?


“This is something that I’m still very much interested in. It’s a legacy fight and it catches peoples attention. I’d love that opportunity.”


With bouts being announced at a vast rate, for what’s set to be an explosive end of 2021. Other than your inclusion, are there any out of the currently announced wars you’re particularly looking forward to coming December 10th/11th?


“I’m interested in  the Kent vs Figlak bout because it’ll be a fantastic scrap. I’ll keep my eye on any of the other middleweights or welterweights also competing.”


I wish you all the best in your first title defence Mathew, again, it was a pleasure speaking with you.


Last but not least, do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance for Double Trouble and is there anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“Thank you to everyone who has wished me good luck and to my fantastic sponsors who have helped immensely.”


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