Post fight Interview with Imran Hassan after his victory over Rohan Netto at Fightstar Championship 20

Fightstar Championship brought the fire to Crystal Palace national sports centre for their 20th show to date, including many amazing amateur debutantes first step down their MMA careers.


And what a debut it was for ESKF’s Imran Hassan, taking himself to 1-0-0 against Rohan Netto in the second round in submissive fashion via Rear-naked choke.


I caught up with Imran after his war with Netto to get some insight into what it meant to his first victory in the cage.


I’m here with Imran Hassan who just won his debut on the amateur Scene at Fightstar 20. How do you feel after your first walk out on your MMA Journey mate?


“So good, I was nervous. When I got in there I was alright, a bit shaky at the beginning but as soon as he hit me, not that bad.”


I was watching from the wings, you took control after getting your bearings nearer the end of the first round. At this point did you get your opponent’s Number so to speak?


“I knew from the beginning he was a southpaw, it was a bit different. There’s only one southpaw at my gym, and he’s been injured during his camp. I knew if I kicked his legs and kept my patience I’d be able to capitalise on his mistakes.”


During your fight camp was it your main goal to get the win by submission? Such an explosive way to win, especially on your debut. You must be very pleased with that performance tonight?


“Yeah, submission is always better but if you’re going for the Finnish, it’s always better to get it done before the 3rd and final round, as a loss could have been on the cards with the tanks running low.”


Being second on the card gives you a great opportunity to watch the rest of the card unfold. Are there any matchups in particular that you’re looking forward to seeing?


“My teammates up next, I’m gonna watch him. And there are a few others I’m looking forward to seeing as well, it’s a great card.”


Last but not least is there anybody you’d like to shout out to after the victory tonight?


Yeah, my coach at ESKF, he’s helped me a lot. All of my teammates also helped me every step of the way.”

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