Post fight interview with Kenirujan Suthakaran after his victory over Aadam Dar at Fightstar Championshjp 20

The submissive ways of New Wave Academy shone through the halls of Crystal Palace national sports centre brighter than Lightopia at the 20th show in Fightstar’s history.


Kenirujan Suthakaran of New Wave Academy probably put on one of the more outstanding displays that night, when he took on Aadam Dar of Kudo UK.


Like many of his teammates, Kenirujan showcased his submissive prowess on December 18th defeating Dar via Rear-naked choke.


I caught up with Kenirujan after his impressive victory, to gain some insight into the controversial bout at the Crystal Palace national sports centre.


I’m here with Kenirujan Suthakaran of New Wave Academy, after his impressive Submission victory via RNC victory against Rohaan Dar at Fightstar Championship 20. How do you feel after that amazing performance?


“Yeah good man, I ran into the cage and slipped lol, busted my lip. I run in there, literally full speed.”


Eager to get in there?


“Yeah, he wanted to brawl. I could tell he wanted to brawl when I was walking into the cage he was shouting ‘let’s go, let’s go!’. My coach instructed me to strike first, I started striking and he went wild. Swinging at me, it was easy to take him down. In the first round, I put him down towards the end. And in the second round, he came out swinging again so I just went for the takedown again and finished him.”


I feel you conducted yourself rather well with the aggression from your opponent, things were rather heated in there don’t you think?


“He was talking a lot in the cage, that’s why I pushed him after the finish. It was all adrenaline, it wasn’t respectful to do that obviously but with all the talking I felt it was necessary. He said, shoot for me like a ####. I was like, ‘we’re competing in MMA, what are you talking about lol’.”


There have been a few Submission victories Via rear-naked choke as well as yours tonight, have you seen any of the others so far?


“I saw Arulvannan‘s, another Tamil boy, another Tamil tiger. He got the Rear-naked choke as well.”


Congratulations on your victory tonight mate, very well deserved. Before you go, is there anybody you’d like to shout out to?


I would like to say thank you to my mum and dad, my whole family. My friends, I have a really small circle. To my Grandma who passed away a few years ago of cancer. Every fight Is dedicated to her for me.”

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