Gregor Gillespie wants a fight with Tony Ferguson

Gregor Gillespie (14-1) seems to be aiming for a match against Tony Ferguson (25-6) as soon as possible. Recently, on his Instagram, he posted a recording of calling Tony to fight after he challenged Michael Chandler (22-7), which clearly displeased Gillespie who seems to be upset by the current situation of the lack of an opponent.

Gregor stated, quoting: “Again, I got a message from the manager that Tony Ferguson will not accept the fight.

Then I see you, Tony, challenging Chandler on the internet saying it’s wrestling season. Man, do you understand I’m a wrestler too ?!

I’m fucked up Chandler in that discipline in college, and I’d do the same with you. If you’re looking to fight a wrestler then take my offer.

I have to start climbing, and neither of you want to fucking beat. Tony you and I’ve been available practically the same time. You’ve been fighting the weekend for me, so it’s time, bro. Just fucking do that.

Challenge Chandler for the wrestling season. Get the fuck out of here. I’m the wrestler here.”

What do you think about it? Who should Ferguson fight in his next battle?


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