Interview with Charlotte “The Killer” Cooper

Interview with Charlotte “The Killer” Cooper

Charlotte Cooper 5-1-0 is an English amateur Mixed Martial Artist. An amateur competitor since 2018, representing ASW Manchester. She has competed for UKFC, UFL, Almighty Fighting Championship, Golden Ticket Fight Promotions Limited and Caged Steel.


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Charlotte, I hope training has been going well. Last we had the pleasure of witnessing you in action was back in August 2021, in your unanimous decision victory over Amy Derwanz at Caged Steel 26. Becoming the super Flyweight division champion. A perfect reward for your astonishing amateur career so far. How did it feel to be crowned champion in Caged Steel’s new 59.0kg division?


“Hi Aaron, thank you for taking the time to speak to me. my last battle at cage steel was an immense feeling the last two weeks were crazy, I took bantamweight belt at UFL on the 7th Aug, then we just went straight back to training for the super flyweight belt on the 21st Aug so yeah winning these belts was another achievement that I set and set my amateur career on a high.”


You seem to be bringing back quite the treasure trove from your outings on the amateur scene, it’s a perfect complement to the phenomenal work taking place at ASW Manchester. For up and coming amateurs looking to join your ranks, could you give us some insight into what it’s like being part of ASW?


“Yeah ASW is, without doubt, one of the best gyms out there. The guys there are phenomenal athletes and great training partners for me. So yeah walking into ASW for the first time, they all made me feel part of the team straight away.”


During my time speaking with fighters, I’ve been told that at every gym fighters such as yourself have a partner in crime so to speak. Someone they click with, do you have such a partner at ASW? 


Jack Mcloughlin, Charlie Dando & Oliver Tero, Connor Dearn these guys I couldn’t thank enough always there for me as a good team should be, give me tough rounds punch fuck out of me, make me work and hug me at the end. What more can you ask for, more like a family. And coach Kameron Atakuru well the guy is just a fucking legend, no bullshit straight up and right to the point on all aspects, and a very knowledgeable coach.”


Now at 5-1-0, a record that will have a lot of promoters looking your way in regards to up and coming shows across the UK, do you have any plans in regards to your next appearance in the cage?


“So, yes I am matched but nothing has been announced as of yet. but you will see me very soon and hopefully make this one my last amateur fight and hit the professional rankings.”


With so many organisations confirming fight cards so early into the start of the year, and no doubt knowing that warriors from your gym will be a part of many. Are there any confirmed fights in particular that you’re looking forward to seeing in the coming months?


“So yeah, in terms of fighters from the gym all have matched up fights coming in and I look forward to watching them all, the one I am looking forward to seeing is The Tank (Jack Mcloughlin) because this guy is gonna make very big waves in the MMA scene. Believe me, he is not your standard mma fighter, something about this kid tells me that he is going  a long way.”


Last but not least do you have a message for your ever-growing fan base and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“I wanna just say thank you to all the ones who watch my fights, support me and believe in me. It really means a lot. And a massive shout out to the ones who are helping me grow and build me & continuously supporting me. my sponsors @sponcerite @IncomeRewards @rrsportsperformance @Twisted-Fish @Diligentink @matthewhatton and guys at Hatton boxing gym And all of ASW #Team Thanks killer_cooper”

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