Jon Jones calls out Stipe Miocic

Jon Jones calls out Stipe Miocic.

Jon Jones: “The greatest heavyweight of all-time versus the greatest light heavyweight, who wants to see it? I’m game.”

Right. Here we go… If there is someone in the HW division fighting today who can give Jones a legitimate L on his record, it’s Stipe. Although both have been out for a considerable amount of time now. Jones 2 years, Stipe about a year, and rust is a very real thing, I still see this being a classic.

Where Ngannou, Lewis, or Gane fall short with their ground game because let’s be honest, none of them can grapple efficiently at that level, Ngannou only got the better of Gane on the ground because Cyrile isn’t a top-level grappler, evidently. And Derrick never goes to the ground unless he’s out there, ie Blaydes or DC.

Stipe CAN wrestle at the top level! He’s proven that in the past! I’m not saying he’s better than Jones on the ground because he’s not, but what’s important to remember is that Jon has been out for the last 2 years! Plus a 245 Stipe Mioicic is a headache for anyone!! UPRIGHT OR GRAPPLING!!

Stipe can box just as good if not better than Jones, fair enough he doesn’t kick as good as Jones, Stipe doesn’t kick hardly at all unless he’s using it as set up to punch you on the chin! Stipe has a gas tank too! He can keep up or even outlast Jones in a 5 round fight, I have no question of that. So if both guys are equally as good as each other, albeit Jon’s kickboxing and unorthodox striking usually destroy opponents, but Miocic also has a boxing arsenal as good as anybody at that weight, it comes down to who’s the better wrestler. Normally you’d say Jon Jones because nobody has out-wrestled him yet, including Daniel Cormier! But Jon has been out for 2 years!! Remember that!!!

I’d put this on June/July if both fighters can agree on terms. For the IC, and if Ngannou doesn’t return before his contract expires in December, crown a new champ!

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