Interview with Jeremy Petley Ahead of His Upcoming Bout Against Tobias Harila at CW134

Interview with Jeremy Petley Ahead of His Upcoming Bout Against Tobias Harila at CW134

Jeremy Petley 14-9-1 is a Canadian Professional Mixed Martial Artist. A professional competitor since 2010, representing London Fight Factory and Great Britain Top Team. He has competed for Adrenalin Fighting Championship, BAMMA, Made4TheCage Fighting Championships, Europa MMA Fighting Championship, Contenders, Bellator MMA and has recently joined the roster for Cage Warriors.

I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Jeremy, and also to congratulate you on becoming one of the latest additions to the Cage Warriors roster. I hope the fight camp has been going well?

“Thank you for having me! Camp has been going well. I’ve been working hard with my coaches at London Fight Factory and GB Top Team. It’s always a grind but 6 weeks out from the fight now and I feel like I’m on course to make my Cage Warriors debut an explosive and decisive win.”


Your resume speaks volumes around the MMA community, your wars have been fought over so many organisations across your 12 years on the professional circuit. Most recently capturing Featherweight gold at Contenders31, against one of the biggest names in Mixed Martial Arts, Azi Thomas. I was lucky enough to have watched that explosive performance at the Crystal Palace national sports centre and Contenders 1st appearance in the capital. What was one of the defining moments within those phenomenal 5 rounds?


“Well I knew how dangerous Azi’s striking was as well as being pretty well rounded and a good counter grappler, so I knew I needed to set a trend in the early phases and make him fight my fight. In the first round, I was able to use my footwork to manage the distance and hit the takedown. I think after that opening round I felt like I had his timing down and would be able to hit the takedowns and impose my grappling. But to be fair to Azi, he defended well off his back and made it hard to find a submission or to get off good ground and pound.”


Most would have known you for your Bellator days, where you took on some of the best fighters the organisation could offer. With wins over the likes of Tom Mearns and Chase Morten. Over your Bellator career what was one of your most stand out moments?


“Beating Tom Mearns at Wembley was a good moment for me. I had been out for 2 years battling injury and building myself back up. So getting back in there and feeling things come together to get the win felt amazing and reinforced the belief I had that I was still able to compete against the best guys in the country and more than that, I was still improving as a fighter.”


As previously stated you have been one of many names added to the roster at Cage Warriors, a welcome addition to one of the biggest names across the UK. What was going through your mind after receiving the call?


“Having the fight with Cage Warriors confirmed was exciting. CW is one of Europe’s great promotions and getting a chance to fight for them is a massive opportunity which I will be grabbing with both hands!”


No sooner after joining, you already have a bout lined up for CW’S 1st show of 2022. Taking on Sweden’s own Tobias Harilar, a relative newcomer to the iconic York Hall. What’s your opinion on your opponent for CW134?


“Tobias is exactly the kind of opponent I’m looking for at this stage in my career. He is a young and dangerous prospect and experienced in his own right. But I know my level. I’m looking to win this fight decisively so that a shot at the Cage Warriors Featherweight title can be undeniable.”


It’s a fantastic organisation to be part of in regards to potential match-ups. From the current roster is there anyone in particular that you’d like to face in the iconic York Hall?


“To be honest, I feel pretty indifferent to who I might want to face on the roster in the future. My goal is simple, to win and hold the CW strap. The Cage Warriors roster features some of the best fighters in the UK and the world and I believe I have what it takes to plough through any of them.”


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance on March 18th and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“To the Cage Warriors fans I want to say, get ready. I’m here to make a statement and take over the division. And to my loyal friends, fans and followers that have supported me and given me love, win or lose, I want to say thank you and I love you! And on March 18th I will give them a reason to blow the roof off.”

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