EMMAA Hosts Hugely Successful Youth Training Day

EMMAA Hosts Hugely Successful Youth Training Day

On Sunday, EMMAA held a hugely successful Youth Training session at Next Generation MMA in Liverpool. Coached by Mark Spencer and supported by Paul Rimmer and his team of coaches, the turnout was substantial, and great feedback was received.

The purpose of the session was to gather the team together, train, and carry out gradings required for the athletes to compete at the IMMAF World Championships later in the year.

At the beginning of the session, Paul Reed, EMMAA Head of Performance, gave a talk on nutrition. Paul also covered poor weight-cutting practices and why it’s unnecessary for our young amateur athletes to participate in such practices. He also spoke to parents and coaches throughout the day offering best practice nutritional advice from himself and the brilliant Performance Team comprising of Dr Carl Evans, Emmy Campbell and Kelly Staddon.

Mark Spencer, Head Youth Coach, conducted gradings.

Paul Rimmer and his coaching team then ran technique sessions with the athletes.

Paul Reed said:

“The parents engaged really well in regard to healthy nutritional practices. It was great to see the parents wanting to play a part… A lot of parents have reached out for further nutrition advice. Some of them have even asked for further seminars.”

He also added:

“From an overall environment point of view, it was a brilliant day, collaborative, everybody was great on the mats, lots of respect shown.”

EMMAA President Marc Goddard attended the day to show his support, he added “it’s great to see the progress of the youth squad and how well everyone interacted over the session. These youngsters are the future of the Sport and the team at EMMAA will continue to support them every step of the way “

Also in attendance was Head Coach, Paul Kelly, EMMAA Board member Paul Sutherland, Marie Spencer, as well as EMMAA coaches Vaughn Lee and Lee Bown. Athletes and coaches from Next Generation MMA Adam Ventre, Adam Cullen, Ellis Hampson, and ex-EMMAA athlete Ben Kelly were thanked for their fantastic help. Chasen Blair, an NCAA Division 1 wrestler also contributed his knowledge and skills.

Another session is planned for March 15th at TFT MMA in Sunderland, and a further session in April near Birmingham.

A huge thank you to everyone involved.

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