Interview with Ben Davies at Contenders 32

Interview with Ben Davies at Contenders 32

Catchweight action, Ben Davies vs Luke Manion was an exceptional highlight for the roaring crowd at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre at Contenders 32 undercard. You wouldn’t believe that this was Ben’s first bout since 2016 with an unbelievable TKO finish in the very first round.


I caught up with the entertaining middleweight, to gain some insight into his return to the cage.


Congratulations on your victory tonight Ben, what a performance.


“Thank you very much, mate.”


Talk us through the fight and your game-plan.


“My game-plan, I didn’t have one. I came to this fight willing to go wherever the fuck he was gonna go lol. If we were gonna stand and bang, I was happy to do that. The fight played out and I was out for like a minute, a minute and a half, Lightwork, easy work. But honestly all respect to the guy. Luke, thank you so much, no disrespect to you whatsoever. You’re a big man for stepping in with me. I wanna move on from this as this is my first fight in 6 years. Covid happened, shit happened but we’re here now and I’m gonna move forward from this, this was a good start for me.”


Could this victory entice you to return to Contenders one day in the not so distant future? Possibly put yourself in the mix for middleweight gold?


“It’s a start, I don’t wanna get too far ahead of myself right now. And besides, by tonight, my good friend Steven Hill is going to be the champion. We’re the same weight, we’ll see. This is the start of my come-back I don’t wanna be too ambitious right now but inside my head, I see myself going all the way.”


Congratulations again mate on a great performance. Before you go, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Shout-out to Gorgie, to my manager Sid. To Fraser for coming along at the last minute. These 2 people, I moved up to London recently, these 2 have supported me all the way through. So respect to them, and go on Steven Hill.”


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