Interview with Emrah Sonmez at Contenders 32

Interview with Emrah Sonmez at Contenders 32

The Co-Main Event saw Emrah Sonmez vs Leandro Souza. Previously headlining the controversial UFL 8 card for the Flyweight Title earlier on in the year. These two warriors weren’t satisfied and went head to head once again to prove once and for all who the better man is.


Sonmez proved too much for Souza taking home another digit to his W record winning in glorious TKO fashion, just under 3 minutes of round 2.


I had the privilege of speaking with Emrah after his eye-catching win to get the GBTT’s thoughts on his co-main event inclusion.


Congratulations on your outstanding victory Emrah, it’s a pleasure to speak to you.


“Thank you man, yeah, amazing fight. It’s all good here, I’m happy to have got it done again in the rematch. Him saying the 1st fight was unfair, hopefully, that has settled it, I’m the better man.”


There was a lot of controversy surrounding your previous encounter but that was a completely different fight from the get-go for you.


“Yeah, I wanted to just grind him out, teach him a bit of a lesson, punish him. Because he was trash-talking me a little bit, I wanted to prove a point. And I did.”


It was a fantastic complement to your training camp, well done out there. Before I let you go to celebrate with your team, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Big shout out to GB Top Team, 313. There are so many names, everyone knows who they are. Thanks to you for interviewing me, I really appreciate it.


Image by Brett King

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