Interview with Alireza Farasiti at Contenders 32

Interview with Alireza Farasiti at Contenders 32

Any fan of MMA knows never to miss the prelims, you might just be witnessing some of the most brutal fights on the entire card.


Contenders 32 was no different, Alireza Farasti vs Fergus Lacey was one of these stand-out bouts for all in attendance. These two absolute warriors went full force over 3 rounds. With a phenomenal show of enduring everything Fergus had to offer, Alireza came away with a TKO victory midway through the 3rd and final round.


I caught up with Alireza after his victory to find out exactly just how much this victory meant to him.


Congratulations on that absolutely amazing finish Alireza, how do you feel after that performance?


“I feel very good, Fergus was a good fighter, a very strong fighter. I’m stoked because I didn’t have very long to prepare for this bout. I lost 14kg in one week, I promise you guys, for my next fight I’ll be in a better place.”


You seemed to want to keep it on the ground throughout the 3 rounds, was this your game-plan going into the bout?


“Yes, that was my plan. make him tired, take him down and finish him.”


You showed an astonishing display of endurance out there tonight, in what was a huge compliment to your training regime with your teammates. Is this something you focus on a lot at the gym?


“I train a lot, each and every day, on all aspects of my game. In the hope that one day I will become champion in the Featherweight Division.”


These amateurs really do put on a performance for the fans. Alireza was no exception, keep an eye out for his next collision in the cage.

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