Predicting a Michael Bisping vs Jake Paul boxing match

Notice the title says “Boxing” and not “Fight”. Because if the two ever met for a regular fight or an MMA match with rules, this article would be about Bisping killing another man. But let’s be honest, we all know Jake would never in his lifetime fight MMA, especially against someone like the former UFC middleweight champ, TUF 3 winner, a man with 30 career wins (20 stoppages) and someone that has dedicated his entire existence to mastering the art of FIGHTING.

While I will undoubtedly be putting my money on Bisping should the event happen, let’s remember that “The Count” has been away from competition since 2017. While he has taken care of himself and stayed in shape, while continuously training at the RVCA gym with some of the best fighters on earth, even Mike was honest recently in saying that even though he looks healthy on the outside, he is still dealing with lingering issues from years of fighting which includes his prosthetic eye. Regardless of it all, he is still willing to sign the contract should the money and PPV points be to his liking. Bisping has never shied away from competition or a fight and has faced killers like Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson, GSP and Rockhold just to name a few. So to say Mike is scarred is pure nonsense.

Should this event be a fight, I don’t think Jake makes it past the 1st. But we all know that Jake would never face Bisping in MMA. What Jake will end up doing is the same thing he did with Tyron Woodley twice, bringing him in with a false sense of security and inflate his ego, because how could a former UFC champ ever lose to a Youtube/Disney star? (look how that went for Tyron). This is why Jake will do everything in his power to restrict and limit Michael as much as possible. I can just foresee the Floyd Mayweather like games that Jake will try, such things as changing the ring size, and glove quality or maybe delaying the walkout times at the last second, you name it.

This is where someone like Mike, who has a bit of a temper but is one of the most experienced fighters ever would be unaffected by these games, unlike Woodley who took the bait and paid the price, especially in the second fight I don’t see Mike falling for the same things. Tyron went into his fight too emotional and allowed in too much outside noise that influenced his fighting style. While Bisping is still very popular amongst fight fans, he is smart enough to leave all that extra stuff outside the ring. Even an angry Bisping is more dangerous as he seems more focused and has an intent to hurt rather than just win. Look no further than his fights vs Jorge Rivera, Jason Miller and Luke Rockhold #2 as examples.

Let’s give credit where it is due. Jake is a much bigger name and celebrity than Bisping is right now even if it’s for the wrong reasons. Jake has a massive following on social media, more importantly, he has the “Mayweather” effect. Now, for those that may not know what the “Mayweather” effect is, I am talking about the fact that regardless of how talented, skilled or even successful you are in the ring, the fact that people hate you means double than that of being loved in today’s society, especially in the fight game. Don’t believe me? Well, look no further than the man who the effect was named after. Floyd will go down as the GOAT to many, some just consider him the best defensive fighter, but regardless of how you feel Floyd holds the records for #1, #2, #4 and #5 highest selling PPV’s of all time while being one of the most despised boxers ever. Now I understand Jake is nowhere near the draw of Floyd, but we also live in a different generation where illegal streaming and social media take millions of viewers away from buying the PPV’s like in Floyd’s era. This is where the Paul brothers have run the table on older boxing promoters that fail to stay relevant.

Can Jake box? Yes, without a doubt. But can he fight? While we may never get a chance to see him in 4oz gloves, or without a limited rule set Jake has been extremely smart in the callouts and beefs that he starts. Jake has talked trash to people like McGregor, Dana White and just about every MMA fighter. I truly believe he loves the fact that he has been the epitome of a chihuahua hiding behind a window that barks at Pitbull’s knowing he’ll never have to face them. For now, the troll king is playing with the emotions of every MMA fighter that wants to break his face. He continues to make more money than 99.9% of MMA fighters and while we may have to wait a while to see Jake get a sweet dose of Karma, here’s to hoping that Bisping can be the man to correct this mistake. My final prediction for a Bisping vs Paul BOXING match is Michael batters Paul and wins by 3rd round TKO.

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