Shock n Awe 32 Results

Saturday 23rd April 2022 – The Guildhall, Portsmouth


PPV available at Live MMA


Main Event – Pro MMA 125lb title

Elliott Hoye vs Aaron Lalaye

Winner Elliot Hoy via Decision


Co-main Event – Pro MMA 155lb

Kye Stephens vs Stelios Theocharous

Winner Kye Stephens via Decision

Amateur MMA 125lb title

Tommy Clarke vs Danny Bettey

Winner Tommy Clarke via RNC – Round 1


Amateur MMA 155lb

Georgi Dimitrov vs Troy Evans

Winner Georgi Dimitrov via Armbar – round 2


Amateur MMA 155lb

Charlie Hatton vs Conor Monohan

Winner Charlie Hatton via submission

Amateur MMA 155lb

Connor Patterson vs Paddy Coyle


Amateur MMA 170lb

Luca Cappalonga vs Szymon Citak


Amateur K1 48kg

Zoe Bowes vs Shamima Islam

Winner Shamima Islam – Decision

Amateur MMA 170lb

Connor Tymon vs Ethan Barry

Winner Connor Tymon via Decision

Amateur MMA 155lb

Max Smith vs Zack Sari

Winner Max Smith – Decision

Amateur MMA 145lb

Jack Stickler vs Emilian Cioata

Winner Jack Stickler via Retirement – Round 1


Amateur MMA 155lb

Luke Nigh vs Jake Green


Amateur MMA 145lb

Ashley Williams vs Liam Craddock

Winner Liam Craddock via TKO – Round 2

Amateur MMA 125lb

Ozzy Jatta vs Samuel Welch

Winner Ozzy Jatta – Decision

Amateur K1 84kg

Charlie Pearce vs Adam England

Majority Draw

Amateur K1 66kg

Alec Connelly vs Dom Coleman

Winner Dom Coleman via Decision


Amateur MMA 145lb

Joe De Vivo vs Bradley Price

Winner Joe De Vivo via Decision


Amateur K1 59kg

Adam Lake vs Euan Hollyhead

Winner Euan Hollyhead via Decision

Amateur MMA 54kg

Suzanna Wilson vs Alice Blackman

Winner Suzanna Wilson via Armbar – Round 2

Amateur MMA 68kg

Ross Wing vs Truman Backer

Winner Ross Wing via TKO round 2

Amateur MMA 145lb

Daniel Lee vs Harrison Coventry

Winner Harrison Coventry via RNC – Round 2


Amateur K1 77kg

JJ Kola vs Gabi Florea

Winner JJ Kola via Decision

Amateur MMA 59kg

Erik Persson vs Dom Wetherill

Winner Erik Persson via RNC – Round 2

Amateur K1 85kg

Olaf Kordys vs Mark Todd

Winner Mark Todd via Majority Decision


Amateur MMA 125lb

Adam Game vs Salvatore Luparello

Winner Adam Game via TKO – round 2

Amateur K1 52kg

Darragh Fitzroy vs Jay Cox




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