Worst post UFC careers

Honorable Mention: 

  • Jeremy Stephens 28-20 (UFC:15-18) (Post: 0-1)
  • Yoel Romero 13-6 (UFC:9-4) (Post: 0-1)
  • Johnny Hendricks 18-8 (UFC: 13-8) (Post:0-1)
  • Chuck Lidell 21-9 (UFC: 16-8) (Post: 0-1) 

#1 Tyron Woodley (19-7-1): UFC record: (9-6) Post Record: (0-2): One of the greatest welterweight champs in history, Tyron defended his belt a total of 3 times and retained his belt once in a majority draw. Tyron is technically on a 6 fight losing streak (2 in boxing) with his final KO loss to Jake Paul nearly dismantling his legacy as one of the best of his era. 

#2 Anthony Pettis (24-12): UFC record: (11-9) Post Record: (0-2): Former UFC and WEC LW champion, Showtime Pettis was renowned for his flashy style unpredictable KOs and a ground game that both won and defended his UFC title. Pettis had a rough patch with the UFC and left for the PFL on a 2 fight win streak, he was shut out in both his fights vs Raush Manifo and Clay Collard. He hasn’t fought in nearly a year and it seems that the years of competition and age are beginning to catch up with the former champ. 

#3 Roger Huerta (24-13-1-1): UFC record: (6-2) Post Record: (4-10): You had to be a fan of early UFC to know who the Matador was. At his peak he looked like the future of MMA holding a 20-1-1 record in 2007 and being the 1st MMA fighter on Sports Illustrated, he was cut after 2 straight losses and never regained his form. 

#4 Benson Henderson (29-11): UFC record: (11-3) Post Record: (6-6): Another LW legend and champ had a very tough time in his post UFC career. Benson was at one point one of the most overlooked and underrated fighters in the world but dominated non the less beating other certified legends in the process. Benson left the UFC for Bellator and had his moments fighting at both 155 & 170, but never dominated the way a former champ should. He recently won his last fight after being winless for 3 years, but no word on his future.

 #5 Lyoto Machida (26-11): UFC record: (16-8) Post Record: (2-3): The Dragon should have retired after TKO’ing Chael Sonnen in Bellator. The former 205 champ is still a problem for fighters with his unique style and overall knowledge of the game, but father time is undefeated whether we like it or not. Lyoto has lost 3 straight (Bader, Mousasi, Davis) and is done contending, he showed that he can still hang with the best of them, but is no longer the Lyoto we saw in the UFC.

#6 Diego Brandao (25-20): UFC record: (6-4) Post Record: (5-9): Diego won TUF 14 where he looked like a Brazilian Mike Tyson who could submit people. He would be given massive fights on the biggest stage with names like McGregor, Poirier and Brian Ortega, but never reached his full potential. A felony arrest prompted his release from the promotion and his star was never seen again, he fought mostly in Russia but had a rough go at it posting a losing record.  

#7 Rory MacDonald (22-8-1): UFC record: (9-4) Post Record: (4-4-1): If not for the fact Rory won and defended the Bellator strap, he would be much higher on this list. One of the most skilled fighters on earth, Rory has hit what many think is either an identity crisis or peaked in his abilities. Either way, the man that was supposed to take over for GSP has faced a lot of adversity and is sitting an even 4-4 win/loss having competed for Bellator and the PFL. 

#8 Chael Sonnen (31-17-1): UFC record: (6-5) Post Record: (2-3): Chaels post UFC career saw him face off against bitter rivals like Tito and Wanderlei, he also faced legends like Fedor, Rampage and Lyotto who retired him. Chael was much older and over his prime, while he didn’t find success in the form of wins with Bellator, it was still one of the most entertaining times in the company’s history. 

#9 Matt Mitrione (13-9-1): UFC record: (9-5) Post Record: (4-4-1): Matt began his career with the UFC after his stint on TUF, he would improve every fight showing a great ground game and striking that won him 8 wins via that department. After joining Bellator, Matt won 4 straight knocking out Fedor and beating big country, afterwards he went 0-4-1 and hasn’t won since 2018. 

#10 Matt Hamill (13-8): UFC record: (10-5) Post Record: (2-3): TUF 4 winner “The Hammer” was one o the more popular fighters to come out of the TUF lineage due to his dominating style and hard work ethic. Matt left the UFC where he lost 3 straight, but retired on a 2 fight win streak in 2018. 

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