Pelu Adetola speaks about his KO win at Sparta Fight Knights: Rise Of Sparta

Pelu ‘The Nigerian Diamond’ Adetola 9-10-0 is an English professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Heavyweight division. He has competed for Fusion FC, Warrior Fight Series, Cage Warriors, The United Kingdom Regionals, BAMMA, Fightstar Championship, UCMMA, Serbian Battle Championship, UAE Warriors, Contenders and has recently made his debut for Sparta Fight Knights.


It’s a pleasure to speak to you Pelu, I’d like to kick things off by congratulating you on yet another explosive victory along your professional journey at Sparta Fight Knights: Rise Of Sparta.


“Thank you and thanks for taking the time out to speak to me.”


In more familiar surroundings of a boxing ring, but unfamiliar gloves of a traditional boxing contest saw you take another W at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester on Saturday night over Charlie Milner.


Looking back on your explosive KO, what did you take from your victory over Charlie?


“Boxing with MMA gloves was always something which I thought was mental up until I was offered the opportunity last week, because of a change of opponent. But I loved every minute of it and it is something I’d definitely do again. The main thing I took away from the bout with Charlie is that you have to embrace every challenge and have fun.”


Having secured victory at Contenders 32 in London on April 2nd must have filled you with confidence going into your inclusion for the 1st time card from Sparta Fight Knights, is activity a main focusing point for your 2022?


“100%, I want to keep active this year and as long as I don’t have any injuries, I’ll fight as often as I can. I’ve missed out on the past 2 years because of Covid, I feel in that time I have grown in confidence in all aspects of my game especially my striking, thanks to GK1 striking.”


Your victory will no doubt leave fight fans wanting more and as previously stated, this was the start of something special for Sparta Fight Knights.


Would a return to the very different and unique show be something that would interest you on future announcements from the newly launched organisation?


“I’d love to be part of the Sparta lineup on every card if they’d have me. I believe they’re offering something special to fight fans, who wouldn’t want to be on shows that entertain the fans?”


14 extraordinary bouts took place on Saturday night. Were there any matchups in particular that you got to witness before you took the walk that you particularly enjoyed witnessing?


“I saw Jordan Cooper‘s fight, WOW! What a flying knee! His pace, aggression and ring control was spot on.”


Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today Pelu, I look forward to hearing news of the next step on your professional journey.


“Thank you again for taking your time out to ask the questions and I’ll make sure I definitely let you know when I have another bout booked.”


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that were in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Thanks for all the support and I’m sure I’ll see you again on upcoming shows. Thanks to Sparta for having me on the show, all the doctors, paramedics and everyone that was involved in the running of the show.”


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