Battle Arena Nottingham Results

Battle Arena brought its band of warriors to Nottingham for a night of brutal yet exhilarating night of mixed martial arts violence on May 28th. Miss the action? MMAUK has you covered.


Daniel Ward (Gracie Barra Derby) vs Alex Josan (Full Power MMA) Ward wins via unanimous decision


Corey Harris (Resurrection MMA) vs Vilja Andre Tangstad (Bergen Grappling) Tangstad wins via split decision


Ross Gallagher (Siam MMA) vs Quaid Gayle (4th Dimension) Gallagher wins via TKO 1:57 round 1


Brad Eston (Bermuda MMA) vs Gearoid Mcdonagh (K-Fit) Eston wins via submission (RNC) 2:49 round 1


Dan White (BST) vs Alex Alexandru (BBB) White wins via submission (Arm-Triangle) 1:54 round 2


Kai Hashaw (Resurrection MMA) vs Joe Palmio (4th Dimension) Hashaw wins via TKO 2:20 round 1


Brandon Auid (Resurrection MMA) vs Kallum Haslam (4th Dimension) Auid wins via split decision


Jake Stark (Resurrection MMA) vs Louis Clarke (Rough Diamonds) Stark wins via submission (Guillotine) 2:56 round 1


Guru Jatistar (Wolves BJJ) vs Harry Wood (BBB) Wood wins via TKO 2:12 round 2


Lulian Cotofana (Resurrection MMA) vs Marin Vertilla (BST) Vertilla wins via TKO 2:31 round 1


Kyle Wilson (The Lab Darlington) vs Jordan Allen (4th Dimension) Allen wins via TKO 2:57 round 2


Dorian swiatkowski (Resurrection MMA) vs Sebastian Koszarki (S18 MMA) Swiatkowski wins via KO 1:50 round 1


Ryan Keane (BST) vs Conor Lee (Take Over MMA) Keane wins referee stoppage 1:55 round 2


Jake Thorp (Resurrection MMA) vs Callum Faulkner (4th Dimension) Faulkner wins via unanimous decision


Connor O’Neil (Nottingham MMA) vs Venumim Ciubotaru (BST) Ciubotaru wins via split decision


Dayo Oye (Nottingham MMA) vs Jake Richins (BBB) Richins wins via split decision


Alireza Javanmardi (Nottingham MMA) vs Paul Stewart (K-Fit) Stewart wins via unanimous decision


Will Haycox (Ronin MMA) vs Daniel Gribic (Redline TC) Haycox wins via unanimous decision

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