Vadimas Gaizutis – “I’m going for Triple C.”

Vadimas Gaizutis – “I’m going for Triple C.”

Vadimas ‘Molotov’ Gaizutis 6-2-0 is a Russian amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Flyweight division, representing Great Britain Top Team. He has competed for Rise of Champions, Ambition Fight Series, Celtic Gladiator, Olympus Fight Series, CWSE and Fightstar Championship.


I had the opportunity to visit Great Britain Top team today as they prepare for their upcoming bouts. And I got to say, I’ve never seen a more hungry and enthusiastic team. So much focus and discipline under head coach and UFC legend Brad Pickett. They seem to be well-armed and ready for their upcoming points to prove in the cage.


I sat down with Vadimas Gaizutis on my visit to pick his brain on his upcoming inclusion on the Fightstar Championship 22 card set for July 15th at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre and gain some insight into what impact he will be making for his next step on his title hunting amateur journey.


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Vadimas and also to congratulate you on your upcoming Flyweight title opportunity at Fightstar Championship 22.


“I appreciate that brother, no worries man. It’s good. I literally just finished sparring just now, some tough rounds but I feel good man.”


I hope training camp has been going well in the build-up to your highly anticipated return to the cage?


“Yeah, this will be my first fight of 2022 because I had a little thumb injury in my last fight, I actually broke it against the guy’s head, so that was fun. I’ve still been training through it all, now it’s fully ready to throw, I’ve got a little bit of metal in there so it’s gonna hit a little bit harder lol. I’m excited for my first fight of 2022.”


Each and every athlete in the fight game has a story to tell on how they entered combat sports. To give the fans a bit of insight leading up to July 15th, what first attracted you to the brutal yet exhilarating world of mixed martial arts?


“I love that, brutal yet exhilarating because it really is exhilarating. A part of it that really does attract me is that feeling, that rush you get when you’re in there. You’re facing your fears, it’s the closest thing we have to gladiators. I think that’s always attracted me, I was always a young scrawny skinny kid I was not always cut out to be a fighter. I love fighting but I didn’t look like a fighter, I always wanted to push myself and try and try my best, I never wanted to be vulnerable. So eventually I did it, I started to feel more confident in myself, and I lost that vulnerability a little bit. If someone tried to bully me or push me I’d be able to push them back. And then I kinda was like, you know what, why can’t I go further, why can’t I make this my thing, why can’t I do this as a sport. I have the youth, I have the talent, I have the opportunity of the team, thank god. So yeah, now let’s just do it, now we’re fighting for belts and collecting them too.”


You’ve done exceptionally well, having captured 2 already.


“2 at the moment but you know, Shout-out to Henry Cerjudo, I’m going for triple C lol.”


Your amateur career has been one of the most stand-out journeys fight fans have had the privilege of witnessing. Since starting out on your own Mixed Martial arts journey back in 2019 you have captured 2 amateur titles. Was it always your intention to return to Fightstar to conquer the Flyweight division?


“Oh man, 100 percent, 100 percent. That was my second fight, Fightstar was my second fight and that was a loss against Samuel Welch. Back then I was simply a grappler, I had limited striking, and I literally had barely any wrestling. I remember speaking to my now coach Brad after that fight, he was like look man, you need to learn how to get up. Because all I was doing was on my back, just trying to play Jiu-jitsu. Now I feel like I’m very good at getting back on my feet, we turn weaknesses into strengths and we turn losses into title fights and wins. There are only so many great shows in the UK, this is one of them great shows in London and I live in London so I gotta conquer my city. I’ve got to be the man of my city and this for me is like a retribution in a sense. We did that with Cage Warriors Academy as well, there’s also another fight I need to retribute on that. This is a retribution and homecoming I feel.”


July 15th, you have the opportunity to make it a hat trick of Championship wins when taking on Sabir Hussain. As July 15th draws in and you prepare yourself for your next challenge have you had the opportunity to do anything in the way of research on Sabir in the build-up to your scheduled meeting in Crystal Palace?



“Oh yeah, 100 percent, me and Sabir, we know mutual people as well, it’s a sports thing. I respect his team, I respect his training and I respect his skills, you know. He’s doing well for himself, he’s undefeated and we’re taking him seriously. We’re not just looking at this as an easy fight because it’s not, it’s gonna be 5 rounds and I know he’s a tough guy. He’s gonna know my strengths too, so when it comes to him I do respect his skillset. I know he’s got good striking and I know he’s gonna have a little bit of range on me, I know he’s gonna be working on that takedown defence. But I feel like I’m just a bad matchup, I feel like I have an all-rounded skill set to be able to make it a full MMA fight because that’s what it is, it is MMA. I’m not going in there to K1 with him, I’m not going in there to play Jits either, it’s going to be everything. That’s what I’m ready for 5 rounds of.”


If your past outings are anything to go by, you will return to the Fightstar cage with nothing but improvements on your already skilled arsenal. If successful in capturing the FSC Flyweight championship, would the notion of returning to defend your title be something that would be something for the fans to look for on future cards?


“Oh yeah 100 percent, I’ve defended my Olympus belt. I was meant to defend my Cage Warriors Academy belt 2 weeks after Fightstar. But they moved Fightstar and because I initially agreed to that fight, they moved it to the day before so obviously I can’t defend my CW title anymore. I’ve shown and I’m going to defend my belts because it’s one thing to win it, but it’s also a thing to prove that you are the man that you say you are. I’m still so young, I’m turning 20 next month. I’m very blessed to be young and I’m very blessed to have the support I have at this age. I will go pro, but I feel like if I can defend my belts in the meantime why not. Why not just show these guys that I’m not just talking the talk, I’m also walking the walk. It’s one of those things, it’s how you become great.”


Many Phenomenal athletes are set to take centre stage in what’s bound to be a sold-out Crystal Palace National Sports Centre for FSC 22. Are there any particular fighters that you are looking forward to witnessing?


“Well, I’m definitely looking forward to witnessing myself on the screen after the fight lol. But other than me, we have some great guys coming through, one of my brothers Banny is making a comeback. He’s gonna be on smoke man. You can see he’s been training hard and his striking is on another level. We’ve also got our boy Kadeem “The Chef” he’s gonna be Chefing it up. Honestly, the people in GB Top Team I really feel we’re on another level, I’m really excited for our boys. We got Callum, we got Connor Patterson as well so we’re really coming in full storm. This is gonna be an army takeover. We had a 4-0 victory over at ECMMA and were looking to do the same for Fightstar. Other than that, Jordan Molinari vs Sufyaan Dawood that’s a good fight too, that’s a good Flyweight fight it’s nice to keep updated with fights within my division. I’m really excited, I know the crowds gonna be crazy, I know the crowds gonna be full because it’s Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. I know there’s gonna be a lot of Somalian fans supporting their boy. We’re gonna be putting on a show, me and your boy were gonna go to war and put on a show. There’s no bad blood for me, I’m just looking to fight and looking to win a belt, I’m sure he’s gonna be doing the same. It’s going to be electric in Crystal Palace. Friday, July 15th, come down and support the show.”


Again, thank you for taking the time to speak to me today Vadimas. I wish you all the best for July 15th and I look forward to witnessing you out there.


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“For one shout-out to my mum, always have to, she’s a blessing in so many ways, she’s my rock. She’s always supportive, she’s gonna be there as well. If you see a woman who’s screaming out the loudest that’s gonna be her, also to all my friends,  my brother, shout-out to my guy bear who’s been a rock to me. Shout-out to my team and my coaches. We’re here every day grinding, we’re working hard and we’re enjoying ourselves as well which is fun. People don’t understand you know, this is a scary sport, it’s a tough sport but it’s also fun. If you’re not having fun, what are you living for? I’m looking to have fun in there, I’m looking to have fun in there and create moments. Just come down and watch man, just enjoy this. It’s a Friday, you can sit at the pub or you can come down, have a beer and watch some young hungry guys coming in with everything they got. You don’t wanna miss it, man, you better get some tickets and put them up on your wall because they’re gonna go for a lot one day.”


Tickets are now on sale for what’s set to be a night of pure unadulterated organised violence at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre for FSC 22. Make sure to grab them while you can, this is definitely one you’ll not want to miss.


Tickets are available here 🎟

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