Is this Nate’s final run with the UFC?

With one final fight left on his contract UFC superstar and fan favourite, Nate Diaz is demanding his release from the company that he has fought for since winning TUF in 2007. The Stockton native has long feuded with the brass and it seems like both parties are at a boiling point.

Not one to shy away from controversy or ruffling feathers, Nate has been vocal via Twitter and other social media making it known that he wants a fight or to be released from his contract. A move that has many wondering what comes next in the career of one of the most game fighters of all time.

While Nate is currently on a 2 fight-losing streak (Masvidal, Edwards) and hasn’t won since 2019 (Anthony Pettis), he is one of those fighters that regardless of records, everyone wants to fight him, coupled with the fact that Nate can fluctuate from 155 to 170 provides even more possibilities for the UFC matchmakers.

So what can we expect from one of the most enigmatic fighters on the roster? Well, let’s start with the shocking option first. Most recently president Dana White made a surprise comment by saying that he believes “it makes sense for Nate to fight Jake Paul”. While not much clarification was given by Dana in regards to that fight being in the UFC or boxing, it raised some eyebrows.

But as far as real MMA competition goes Nate still has one massive fight to settle in the form of Conor McGregor. Their rivalry is currently tied 1-1 and the bad blood has never faded, both fighters seem to be at a crossroads as well as being on losing skids. Personally, seeing them both as coaches on TUF before fighting in the finale would be amazing.

If plan A falls through there are fights against Khamzat, Dustin Poirier, Jorge Masvidal and Michael Chandler that would be just a massive. The build-up to those fights would leave a lasting impression that would make fans and the UFC want more.

Nate has given the UFC 26 fights, win-lose or draws fans got what they paid for and the UFC has more than profited from Nate’s blood, sweat and effort. If this is really to be Nate’s last fight with the organization one would hope that it would be a memorable one.

Unfortunately, business dictates the fight game and considering Nate is married as well as being a father, it’s clear he has other priorities to focus on. If leaving the UFC and cashing in on boxing Youtubers into a bloody pulp for prize money that doubles that of anything he would make in the UFC is something Nate has earned. At the end of the day, fans of the Diaz army will watch Nate in the UFC, Bellator, BKFC or any other company he may fight for.

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