Claire Lopez – “It’s a new chapter of my career”

Claire Lopez – “It’s a new chapter of my career”

Claire Lopez 6-4-0 is a French professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Strawweight division, representing Great Britain Top Team. She has competed for GFA, RLFC, Ladies Fight Night, GMC, Made 4 The Cage, Shogun MMA, Bellator MMA and Combate Global.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to meet with me today Claire, and also to congratulate you on your recent addition to the Combate Global roster.


“Thank you, yes I signed about a week or ten days ago now with Combate Global and it’s been something I’ve been waiting for, for nearly a year now. It’s a new chapter of my career, the next step.”


From what I saw of your sparring session today, you seem to be highly motivated in the build-up to take your 1st walk to the Combate cage. It must give you great confidence that your camps are guided by some of the best trainers in the country at Great Britain Top Team?


“I have to say, since I came back from my injury, I feel like I’ve come back stronger mentally. I’m very confident with my Wrestling, striking and grappling. I’ve always felt confident with these aspects of my fights, so the next one I feel is gonna be on another level. I’ll be showing different and better things.”


I’m happy to hear you’ll be back out there and looking forward to seeing what’s changed.


“Thank you.”


Starting out on your professional journey back in 2017, your outings to the cage have recognised you to be one of the most exciting Strawweights on the professional scene. What advice would you give to young female martial artists looking to reach such heights you have achieved in the cage?


“I’d say to surround yourself with good people because sometimes managers and coaches only think about themselves, it can ruin your career. So just surround yourself with good people who have experience in the fight game, and somewhere you enjoy what you’re aiming to achieve.”


I completely understand that a great team are the cogs in the machine to a successful future in the sport.


“Yeah, absolutely.”


Fighting at such prestigious organizations such as Combate Global and Bellator MMA has given fight fans many highlight-reel memories. Is there a certain moment in the cage that will forever hold a special place for you?


“Honestly, every fight I’ve had is a good memory because I really enjoy being out there, even when it’s a bad situation or I lose the fight. I enjoy the moments just before the fight, when I’m walking to the cage, for me it’s the best feeling in the world. My  Bellator and Combate Global are big organisations, but we didn’t have the crowd because of the pandemic. I missed the energy of the crowd, the next couple of years are gonna be better.”


It must have been a difficult time for fighters such as yourself not to have the encouragement of the crowd in your corner.


“Yeah, but we could fight, it was good to get those four fights in the bank throughout the pandemic.”


As previously stated, earlier on in the month, it was announced that you have signed a five-bout contract with Combate Global, the place that has played host to your previous 3 outings. Founded By Campbell McLaren back in 2011, it has played host to some of the most exciting and explosive professionals the MMA world has had the privilege of witnessing.



After a lengthy absence due to injury, what does it mean to you to yet again, take the walk to the lion’s den with such a prestigious organisation?


“It’s great to finally get back out there again. It’s been three years now of making a lot of sacrifices, Living away from my son and my family in a different country. It’s a good thing but it’s normal for me because it’s what I expected from making all these sacrifices. I’m going to complete my contract then I’m heading to the big one, the UFC I’m sure haha.”


Last, in action back in 2021, a lot can change in 9 months, no doubt you will not be the same warrior out there without giving too much away what can the fans come to expect from you upon your return?


“The fans at Combate Global have seen a lot of wrestling from my bouts. Since I’ve returned here I’ve worked a lot with Brad on my boxing, I want to surprise people, I want to knock someone out this year haha. It’s my goal haha, I wanna surprise people, it’s my goal. I’m looking to showcase everything, it’s gonna be hard to fight against me because you won’t know what I’ll do, I definitely wanna show more of my hands.”



You’ve done exceptionally well from what I’ve seen, including the coast flip haha.


“Hahaha yeah, if I can get that done in the fight it would be great haha.”


With five bouts secured, the possibilities are endless regarding potential match-ups. Is there anyone in particular on the roster that you’d like to go toe to toe with?


“Whoever has the belt, I don’t know who has it at the moment but that’s what I want. I never refuse a fight, I always agree because I know it’s someone’s hard to secure one. I don’t care, I just want to fight and eventually take the belt so whoever has the belt I’ll take them.”


I look forward to hearing news of your enviable fight announcement Claire and I hope the rest of your preparations go well.


Last but not least do you have a message for the readers and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“First I’d like to thank you for letting me express myself in the media. As a French fighter I’m not really known in this country, so thank you for this. Make sure to follow me on social media for the announcement of my next fight soon, 6 weeks now haha.”

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