Bobby Chikavhu – “It didn’t feel like my first fight.”

Bobby Chikavhu – “It didn’t feel like my first fight.”

Fightstar Championship 22 went down in the sun-drenched capital last night, and what a night it was at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.


Warriors from across the UK brought their prolific arsenals to FSC’s 22nd card to date with victory in mind.


Looking to make an impact on his amateur debut was London Shootfighters Bobby chikavhu He showed he left no stone unturned as he cruised through to the 3rd and final round securing victory via Rear-naked choke over Luca Chiobanu.


I caught up with the young Flyweight to find out exactly what his first walk meant to him.


Congratulations on your amazing victory Bobby, absolutely phenomenal ground game. Was that your plan going into this one?


“Thank you. The plan was just to feel him out, see what he gave back. If I could land some good shots, keep hitting him, and possibly get it to the ground. My game-plan was to go in there, use all my skills and take whatever opportunity I could.”


I know this was your debut, it really didn’t look like it, a perfect complement to the incredible work put in at London Shootfighters. It must be such a confidence booster for you to be working with so many prolific fighters?


“Definitely, at London Shootfighters we have killers. We essentially have bouts every week. Even though it was my debut on paper, it didn’t feel like my first fight. I’m training in the gym with killers every week, sparring with top-level guys, our track record there is phenomenal. We have a few guys on tonight that will get the job done.”


It really showed mate, I’m looking forward to witnessing them. congratulations again Bobby, before you go celebrate with your team is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“To my team at Shootfighters, my coaches. My training partners and everyone who helped me in this camp. Close friend and teammate of mine that helped me with my weight cut, this wouldn’t have been possible without him. So huge thank you to him, he’s not fighting today but you will see him in the next few months, another killer from there.”

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