Imran Hassan – “I had so much energy before the bout”

Imran Hassan – “I had so much energy before the bout”

The amateurs were out in full force at Fightstar Championship 22. Gaining momentum as they venture on through their respective journeys.


And in the case of Imran Hassan, a chance to return to winning ways as he takes his 3rd step on his amateur career.


Imran fought at a different level, more aggressive in his approach which led to an astonishing TKO victory in the 2nd round over New Wave Academy’s Kane Roye at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.


I caught up with the ESKF prospect to gain some insight into his newfound approach.


Congratulations on that absolutely phenomenal performance Imran, how do you feel after securing the victory?


“I feel good, I worked hard. I always work hard but I worked extremely hard for this fight. The win is an amazing feeling.”


I’ve had the opportunity to witness you out there previously, you went out there more aggressive than ever. Were you more pumped for this bout in comparison to your previous outings?


“I felt extra good this time, that’s why I think it showed out there. I had so much energy before the bout feeling out the cage so I think that’s why.”


It absolutely showed mate congratulations once again. Before you go, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Yeah, my training partners, all the guys at ESKF. Big Shout-out to Mukidee, Sabir who made me work hard. All the guys at Daniel Sam’s fight team, the guys at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, a lot of people helped me out for fight night.”

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