Shah Kamali – “No one wanted to take this fight”

Shah Kamali – “No one wanted to take this fight”

Fightstar Championship 22 had 4 huge amateur title bouts, one of the biggest and most well-known athletes competing for one of the biggest prizes of their journeys.


One of which was the most anticipated bouts of the calendar year. At Contenders 32, Fightzone London’s Shah Kamali requested a title opportunity with Fightstar, and Raj Singh delivered.


In both of Shah’s recent outings, he is yet to find an opponent that can withstand his explosive power. Ending both bouts in less than a minute. And his title opportunity was no exception with a devastating KO in the very 1st round.


I had the great pleasure of catching up once again with the new amateur Fightstar Heavyweight Champion on the night, to find out what becoming king of the division means to him.


Congratulations on yet another explosive victory Shah, less than a minute again! How do you feel after your performance?


“It’s like an energy buzz right now, I was building this fight up a lot in my head. My first title, the first of many hopefully, God willing. I got a bit nervous, not nervous in regards to my opponent, just nervous about disappointing all these people that came to see me. I had like 40 to 50 people come out to see me tonight, that was really playing on my mind, but I’m happy I made them proud.”


You brought the roof down mate and yet another exceptional finish. I remember back to Contenders 32 when I spoke to you requesting Raj to arrange this fight, I hoped to see it live.


“I gotta give him credit because no one wanted to take this fight. So for my opponent to come over here from France, I gotta shout him out for that because a lot of people in the UK didn’t wanna fight me. I might have to go Pro soon to get a fight, if I keep knocking them out in less than a minute, a lot of people ain’t gonna wanna fight me.”


If you keep this up, you’ll be setting a world record. Definitely a Heavyweight phenomenon in the making, congratulations once again mate I was glad to have been here to witness your capture of the title.


“Thanks man.”


Before you go to celebrate with your team is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“I just wanna shout out my team, Stuart, Louis, Mario, Fightzone London. Marv Cannon Ju-jitsu, my corner and everyone that came out to support me.”

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