Sydney Omar Dacres – “All credit to my team”

Sydney Omar Dacres – “All credit to my team”

The pure willingness to progress in the brutal yet exhilarating world of mixed martial arts burns in the heart of each and every amateur.


So many talented competitors in the amateur scene made sure that the heart of a warrior lit up the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre for Fightstar Championship 22 for the whole world to see.


One of these examples is Diesel Gym’s Sydney Omar Dacres, this being his second walk to the cage in the space of 3 weeks. In the short amount of time after securing victory at Road to Contenders 5, he showed a completely different side to himself, tasting victory once again, via submission over soon after the 3rd round had begun over Forge Martial Nabeel Hussain.


In exactly the same place we spoke before, yet again I’m congratulating you on a well-earned victory. Last we spoke you mentioned you’re coming into bouts on a completely different level and that was plain to see out there.


“Thank you man, thank you. I feel like I can’t express enough of what we spoke about in our previous interview, it’s not me it’s my team. My team is the best in the fucking world. Especially my coach Shirzad, My best friend, my coach, he’s everything. You see the big sprawl that led to the D’arce, that’s him. He told me to sprawl every day in the gym, every day bruv.”


It was definitely one of the highlights for me. The level of take-down defence was to the levels of some of the world’s best in Bellator and Cage Warriors. It showed it was the main focus of yours in the build-up.


“My striking is to a good level. When I first joined my team at Diesel, they have 10th Planet back in, so everyone’s great wrestlers and brilliant with their Ju-jitsu. So when I’m getting into these wrestling exchanges, I used to be quite confused and didn’t know what to do. But these guys, I can’t express it enough, they are so great. I can’t name anyone that wouldn’t take the time out of their day to work with me on my wrestling. Shirzad is the best wrestler I know. Any day I need him he will wake up, 6 in the morning he will come to the gym to help. me with my wrestling, and all I ever hear is “big sprawl.” All credit to my team, they see what I need to work on and they dedicate their time.”


I think I’m going to have to come and visit one day and witness some of these training regimes.


“You have to man.”


Congratulations again Sydney, it was great getting to see you out there again, and a pleasure meeting you again. Before you go to celebrate with your team is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Shout-out to Tom, Elijah, Arnish, Shirzad, and Sean who was in my corner. All my 10th Planet boys, Diesel Gym. Chris at Exel-Strength, Shout-out to every one man I love them all.”

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