Varun Sanyal – “It’s been 5 years of work”

Varun Sanyal – “It’s been 5 years of work”

Fightstar Championship 22 was full of highlight reels, TKO finishes and extraordinary performances across the exceptional card put together by Raj Singh and his team.


One of the highlights of the night was the thunderous display by Fightzone London‘s Varun Sanyal. Who’s dominance led him to a unanimous decision victory over Shudan Gym‘s Kuba Ogorek.


I caught up with Varun after his phenomenal victory at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre to see just what this victory meant to him.


Congratulations Varun, that was definitely one of the greatest wars of the night so far for me. How do you feel after the phenomenal display and capturing victory on your amateur debut?


“It feels great, it’s been 5 years of work. Coming from Singapore, a tiny dot on the planet. Flew all the way here for university, started training at Fightzone London, and here we are, smashing people all over the UK.”


What a perfect ending to that story capturing victory after so much hard work. Did you have a game plan coming into the bout? You seemed completely ready for anything out there.


“Oh I was ready, I was absolutely ready. From what I saw on his Instagram, he’s got some boxing knowledge, but at Fightzone we’ve got the best in the world. In my corner we had my man Ant, we had Stuart, we had Josh. These guys are the top guys in the UK, they know the game inside out. Wrestling, I’m Indian, it’s in our fucking blood, so I was always gonna take him down, if he wanted to throw hand, I was ready to blast his head off as well.”


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and witnessing many of your team’s outings, it seems like a great place to train.


“Absolutely, you should definitely come down”


I’m definitely up for that and will have to make some real plans soon.


Before you head off to celebrate with your team, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Well, I know there’s a guy in the crowd, Ruben Lindo, he’s the Champion here at Lightweight. I’m not here for the Championship yet, but I want him to pay attention, we’re fucking coming. All us Fightzone boys, we’re coming for that belt, see you in the future.”

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