Michal Figlak cements title shot at CW 141

On the 20th anniversary of Cage Warriors, there were many expectations and upsets.

Cage Warriors 141 marked a milestone of 20 years delivering the best of the European circuit in MMA.

The main card saw the best of Europe go head-to-head. A featured bout on the main card saw Trojan Free Fighters and the Polish sensation, Michal ‘Mad Dog’ Figlak go up against the former CW champion Agy ‘The Wolverine’ Sardari.

Undefeated top prospect, 7-0 Mike Figlak has been delivering devasting finishes climbing his way up to that title contention. In the background, The Wolverine has been lurking amongst the lightweight division trying to climb his way back up to the gold.

The two threw down on the main card, putting on an elite display of wrestling and striking. The younger of the Figlak duo proved he was more bite than bark as he kept coming forward in control aggression. Mike took Agy’s best on the night and looked like he had more than enough fuel to go another two rounds.

A clincal display of boxing and anchoring top pressure in his wrestling ‘Mad Dog’ cruised his way through his bout with The Wolverine taking his undefeated record further.

In his post-fight interview with Edith Labelle Figlak was not fully satisfied with not finishing his opponent, but he demanded he is next in line for the lightweight championship, and rightly so.

The main event of Cage Warriors 141 saw Kyle Driscoll vs George Hardwick. Harwick stole the fight with a TKO, beautiful body shot, winning him the vacant lightweight championship. Mike stated in his post-fight interview that He likes the Hardwick brothers and he can relate to them with Matt Figlak coming up with him through the ranks.

Now 8-0, never lost a round, and having just dismantled the former champion there is only one fight that makes sense for the thirsty ‘Mad Dog’.

Edith also went on to say how great it would be if Matt Figlak was fighting the same card, well here’s a match-making idea; Graham & Ian.

As the Figlak brothers fight out of Trojan Free Fighters in Gloucester and Christian Leroy Duncan fights out of Range Martial Arts in Gloucester. I proposed a stacked three-title fight at Kingsholm Rugby Club.

Christian Leroy Duncan vs Mick Stanton for the Middleweight Championship.

Rhys McKee vs Matt Figlak for the Welterweight Championship.

George Hardwick vs Michal Figlak for the Lightweight Championship.

Call me Phil Collins because I can feel it in the air.

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