Louie Sutherland – “I’m gonna put his lights out”

Louie ‘The Vanilla Gorilla’ Sutherland 4-0-0 is a Scottish professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Heavyweight division, representing 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu/Northside Gym. He has competed for Almighty Fighting Championship, Fightstar Championship, Ambition Fight Series, Sparta Fight Knights and is due to make his debut for PFL on August 20th.


I’d like to kick things off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Louie and also to congratulate you on your recent addition to the PFL roster.


“Thank you for reaching out and interviewing me, giving me the time and the platform to get my voice out there, I appreciate that.”


I hope training has been going well in the build-up to your highly anticipated debut?


“Training has been going really well, I’ve been training really hard. Every day we’re training, I’m training with some killers as well, some great guys in the camp. Some of them have also signed with PFL, some with other promotions like Bellator, UFC and so forth. So yeah, the camps going really well. I’m constantly learning, constantly getting better, I’m really excited for what’s about to unfold in the PFL, and I’m really looking forward to putting on a show for the fans.”



Dedication and the willingness to succeed have brought you to one of the biggest stages of them all with PFL, what was going through your mind when receiving the call?


“It was quite strange really in regards to when I got the call. I was training over at SBG Ireland for a little while helping Johnny Walker prepare for one of his fights, a few of us were over there. I started communicating with PFL then, regarding the challenger series, but that fell through due to circumstances beyond my control, I think it was because of my record being a bit too thin, I think they were looking for guys with a slight bit more experience. After the fourth fight I had they came knocking again, they liked my style and the way I was finishing my opponents and they’d love to have me on board. They said we’re gonna be coming to London, we want you on the London card, to have you part of the organisation and start pushing for the regular season and the European season that has just come about. I was really excited and as soon as I signed the contract I was raring to go, asking them to find me an opponent, put whoever in front of me and I’ll put on a show for the fans.”


This has to be the highlight of your career thus far, but the undefeated build-up across the regional scene also must hold many fond memories in the cage. Is there a particular bout that will always stand out for you as you look toward your next challenge?


“That’s a great question. Signing for PFL is the biggest highlight of my career as an MMA fighter personally. It’s the big time, the big stage, one of the biggest in the world who are looking to expand, It feels fantastic. In terms of the regional scene, it’s been good. It’s been hard to find matches after a few KOs on my part. One encounter that stands out for me was probably my pro debut. I was fighting Pavel Dailidko, he was 5-0 as an amateur. As a pro debut, I don’t think many people actually wanted to fight him, I heard quite a few people were turning him down. Almighty Fighting Championship gave me the call and said look, we got Pavel for you. It was just after the lockdown and I was raring to go, no matter who it was, whoever they put in front of me I was gonna take out. The reason why I think it stands out for me is because I think everybody wrote me off. Everybody looked at him, his stature. 6’4 or 6’5, very lean, very muscular, he looked the part, he looked like a fighter. At the end of the day, I think everyone was shocked when I gave him that left hook, that straight right down the middle and put him to sleep. The whole MMA scene was in shock because they didn’t know who I was, I had one amateur fight previously. Once that happened I think people started taking notice, so that one for me, is one I’ll always remember. I gave them a reason to never doubt me.”



Along with your announcement a date and opponent was confirmed. You are set to take on Manchester Top Teams Abraham Bably, a battle of the undefeated for the fight fans indeed. What do you make of Abraham in the build-up to your highly anticipated meeting on August 20th?



“It’s gonna be the battle of the undefeated, he’s got a good skill set, anyone that steps in the cage has my respect. But I’m super confident in my ability and what I can do and come the 20th of August, he’s gonna have the same fate as everybody else and I’m gonna put his lights out that’s just plain and simple, that’s what the fight fans can expect.”


A new roster will also hold a whole new array of challenges going forward, are there any athletes on the current roster in particular that you’re looking forward to being matched up against?


“Yeah you’re right, any new roster is gonna be exciting. In terms of who I’m looking for to be paired against, like I’ve said in previous interviews, I fancy myself against any Heavyweight in the world. That might come across as arrogant, it’s not. I’ve got competitive confidence in my abilities and I do fancy myself against anyone on the roster. But personally, the champion, whoever that might be, everybody wants to beat the champion. Whoever they put in front of me I’m looking to make some noise in the MMA scene so whoever they pair me against, I’m sure they will suffer the same fate as the rest.”


I wish you all the best for August Louie and I look forward to witnessing your new journey unfold.


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance?


“Again, thank you for reaching out and giving me the time and giving me the platform to speak. I really appreciate it, letting the fans get to know me a bit. In terms of the message, get down to the Copperbox Arena on August 20th and get behind the boys, we’re gonna put on a show, buckle up and come along for the ride.”


Images by Jamie Lee Smith

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