Ali Ortac – “I fight to hurt my opponent”

We were treated to 3 title fights at the sold out Contenders 33 card at the Crystal Palace National Sports in London.


One of these being the amateur Lightweight clash between ESKF’s Ali Ortac and Great Britain Top Team’s Jamie Howlett.



The belt came back to ESKF by way of Unanimous Decision and the waste of Ali Ortac.


I caught up with Ali after his 3 round master class in the capital for Contenders 33rd card to date.


Congratulations on that absolutely outstanding victory tonight Ali and becoming the contenders amateur Lightweight champion. How do you feel after your performance out there?


“I didn’t fight for the belt, I didn’t fight to lose. Whenever I’m in a fight, I fight to hurt my opponent. I don’t give a shit about the belt, I’m here to hurt someone. I was very relaxed, you’ve gotta be relaxed out there. if you’re not relaxed in a fight, there’s no point training, you might as well just walk in”


“Everything you’ve learnt flies out the door if you’re not relaxed. So for this camp, I worked on my breathing techniques, relaxation and it helped me sure th3 win nice and easy. All my friends complained that my last fight was over too quickly, so I let this one drag on. If I wanted too I could have taken him down earlier in the fight  and smashed him.”


It was a definite compliment to your camp and your team at ESKF. I know you spoke your thoughts on the belt but what does it mean to you to be bringing it back for the team?


“My team ESKF produces champions on a daily basis, this is normal for us. My other gym BJJ London Wing Chun have never produced a champion but they have my loyalty too, I represent them both, I’m taking the belt back to 2 gyms.”


Congratulations once again Ali, enjoy the moment. Before you head off to celebrate with your team, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Shout-out to ESKF, KO Gym, and London Wing Chun Academy.”

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