Shem Rock – “I don’t get paid for overtime”

The main event of the evening saw Harry Davies take on Shem Rock for the vacant Lightweight Contenders strap.


It did not disappoint, a new champion was crowned in Next Generation Liverpool’s Shem Rock via KO at Contenders 33.


I caught up with Shem after he celebrated with the crowd in Crystal Palace, to find out what becoming the king of the Lightweight division means to him.


Congratulations on that absolutely incredible win tonight Shem and capturing the Contenders Lightweight Championship. How do you feel after your victory?


“It is one of those init, good to get in and get the 1st round finish, then again it’s a little bit anti-climax because I did all this work for 6 seconds. But I don’t get paid for overtime, people are gonna take notice after this.”


You’ve been on one hell of a journey leading up to this evening, how does it feel to be back on your feet and doing what you love best?


“You know what, I’ve never ever had a weight cut like this, It’s been so good. I’ve always fought at 65 kilos, and I’ve just shown myself that I never wanna do that again, I’m a Lightweight. Wand warming up, I felt better than I feel in the gym almost lad. I knew he was gonna start fast, I normally start slow because I’m doing these big cuts lad. But I knew, I could just feel it in myself that I had to start fast, and I fucking did, start fast finish fast haha.”


It really was a quick bout, I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed one over so quickly.


Are you looking to become a defending champion here, are you planning to come back and see what the Contenders roster has for you?


“Money talks, anyone in London can get, so who’s the next big thing and I’ll take him on, who’s paying?”


If you should return I look forward to catching you out there as I’m always about for a Contenders card.


Congratulations once again Shem, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you.


Before I let you go, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Yeah, to all my sponsors. Shout-out to Dublin Combat Academy, Side Mobile Management, Raw Sports, Box Step, Next Generation, Team Budu Jiu-Jitsu, Raine, Keystones Therapy, Cells, MMATV, the New Natural Royal Minerals, Sports for Champions UK. Lots of fucking supports, blah blah blah haha.”

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