Karson Koe – “It all went to plan”

The second shot fired from London Shootfighters at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre was Karson Koe, Taking on La Bonne Ecole‘s Rakoto Ahamada in the preliminary bouts of the exceptional Contenders 33 card.



Shootfighters previous outing to Karson’s inclusion had already displayed their submissive prowess in the cage, it was now time to show their forceful finishing.


Late into the second round, Karson finished Rakoto with a flurry of brutal Ground and pound shots. Securing a  second victory for the on the night.


I caught up with Karson shortly after, to pick his brain on his performance in the capital.


I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your outstanding victory tonight Karson, how do you feel after that ferocious victory?


“I feel amazing, I planned it to end this way. I put in the work and it all went to plan, the plan was ground and pound so I’m happy.”


Ground and pound is one of my favourite way’s of victory, phenomenal work out there mate.


You said you planned this, what was the plan you set out?


“I wanted to work the jab, keep the jab hand out, take him down and land some heavy shots. He was good in the first round, he was very strong, squeezed a bit tight. As soon as I managed to push back up, I planned to come down with every shot I could, It all worked out. He’s a tough guy man, very tough.”


That was an absolute brawl, especially right before the finish. How did you feel when you guys completely collided throughout?


“Oh man nothing beats that, jumping out the cage after, the energy of the crowd, I can’t wait to do it again. You’ll definitely be hearing from me again, this is just the start of the journey. I’m ready to throw levels, I’m 17 I’ve got a lot to learn, younlot are all gone see.”


And with a team like Shootfighters, you’re gonna learn a hell of a lot.


“I definitely am, 100 percent.”


Congratulations again Karson, I look forward to witnessing you back out there in the not so distant future.


Before you go to celebrate with your team, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“I’d like to give a shout-out to Norbert, Malik, Mighty Max, Imran on his performance as well. And especially my dad, he helped me throughout this camp.”

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