Sydney Omar Dacres – “We got the hat-trick!!”

The heart of a warrior is a sight to behold, going above and beyond to excel in their craft to pursue their Ultimate dream. Sydney Omar Dacres is a true example of a heart of a warrior, his inclusion to the Contenders 33 card was his 3rd bout in the space of 4 months.


The Diesel standout took on Fight City Gym‘s Kenny Mbongo at the sold out Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in the hopes of securing a hat-trick of victories.



And successful he was, unanimously defeating Mbongo at the end of 2 hard fought rounds in the cage.


I caught up with Sydney at the end of the night to find out exactly what this phenomenal feat means to him.


It’s nice talking with you again Sydney, I’m so glad I caught you. It wouldn’t be a Contenders card without me and you speaking brother.


“It wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t get an interview with you bro, from the first one to the last bro everytime.”


You looked very different out there tonight, we spoke previously before we started this interview and you said your game-plan was changed. For the readers, could you elaborate on how you saw that war going to how it went?


“I saw it going similar to my last outing where I controlled in the centre and I let off my striking. Kenny is really strong, he was running at me and getting those underhooks and trying to take me down. I just went into defence mode, I didn’t get let off as much as I wanted to out there. I was able to catch him with the knees a few times, but by the 3rd I turned into Khabib haha.”


It was definitely on my list of fights of the night.


We spoke previously to this victory, the plan was a hat-trick victories, congratulations man you did it.


“The hat-trick!! We got the hatrick haha.”


What’s next for you on your journey man, there’s a few regional shows coming up, any plans for those?


“I got a good one. Remember when we spoke and I said I’ve always wanted to fight Muay-Thai, I got a Muay-Thai fight on the 1st of October.”


That’s amazing man, that will suit you down to a tee.


“I’m very excited about this one, I’m already preparing man, I’ve been in camp since march. It’s pretty much what I was doing in the cage today. The clinches, the knee’s, making that space and controlling the head.”


Can’t wait for that man, I’m gonna have to come watch you definitely.


“Definitely bro.”


Before you head off, is there anybody like to give a shout-out to?


“Shout-out everyone at Diesel, Shout-out to Shirzad for winning the belt, so proud of him. Shout-out to Dan, I love everyone at the gym, it wouldn’t be possible without them.”

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