Ako Murata – “It really was a great experience”

Injuries are all part and parcel of the fight game, the warriors of Mixed Martial Arts are a group of individuals that deal with these obstacles on a regular basis. The pure drive to get back into the lion’s den burns deep within these exceptional warriors.


I took a trip down to Great Britain Top Team today to catch up with Ako Murata, who didn’t take injury lying down, who has recently returned to action and was victorious in her comeback at Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship 2 on August 27th.


Ako Murata 2-1-0 is an English amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Atom/Strawweight division, representing Great Britain Top Team. She has competed for Lion Fighting Championship, Cage Warriors South-East Academy and Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to speak with me again today Ako, and also to congratulate you on your recent victory at PAWFC 2.


“Thank you very much.”


I hope training has been going well on your return to the UK?


“Yeah, it’s been very good. I took a whole week off and I’m back to full training now.”


Taking part in PAWFC‘s 2nd card to date must have been an amazing experience, a place for the ladies of MMA to really showcase their prolific arsenal’s. How did it feel to be part of the card?



“Even as an amateur they treat us really well, we are looked after really well. The card was great, their hospitality was amazing, it really was a great experience to have taken part.”


We last spoke back in March, during the later stages of your rehabilitation from injury. How did it feel to get back out there after so many months on the sidelines?


“When I came back from the fracture, I really wanted to go back into training for a fight. I trained quite a lot, probably too much and my body couldn’t take it. At one point I had to take some time off, it was a bit of a stupid thing to do. But I’ve learned from it and now I’m training more reasonably, more the quality over the quantity haha.”


I remember on my previous visits during your injury seeing you training, even with the cast on.


“Yeah hahaha.”


Now the proverbial dust has settled over your 3 solid rounds in Canada, and you’ve had the chance to watch your bout back. What did you take from your performance and collision with Allyse Cotterill?


“I was quite happy, not totally happy. I did well with my takedowns and my work on the ground, it’s not all about the striking. She was way taller than me so I used my speed, I was happy.”





I watched it back also, with 3 rounds in the bag is a lot of well needed cage time off the back of a lengthy injury.


“Yeah, absolutely.”


Taking yourself to 2-1 in your amateur journey, and back to full fitness, have you got any further plans, would a trip back to Canada be on the cards?


“I would like to keep fighting, if Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship gives me a call to go back I’d be happy to, definitely.”


They are a great organisation, newly founded as well, started off very strong.


“They are a very good organisation.”


Wherever your journey takes you next I wish you all the best and I look forward to witnessing it. I look forward to it. It was a great pleasure meeting you today Ako and I wish you all all the best for your training.


Last but not least, do you have a message for your fans and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“A big shout-out to my teammates and coaches at Great Britain Top Team and my sponsors also.”

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