Dylan Budka – “I’m ready for everybody”

Dylan Budka – “I’m ready for everybody”

Dylan ‘The Mindless Hulk’ Budka (4-1-0) is a professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Middleweight division, representing Demolition Fight Team. He has competed for IKON FC, B2 Fighting Series and Legacy Fighting Alliance.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today Dylan, it’s a pleasure to speak with you.


“Thanks for having me.”


I hope training has been going well since you last graced the cage back at LFA 139?


“Oh yeah, I’ve been trying to get another one on their upcoming cards.”



You have made quite the impact this year after turning professional, racking up 4 victories in 5 bouts across 3 organisations. A perfect compliment to the hard work and dedication throughout training, your most recent victory over Jackson Wink’s Lydell Poag. As you near the end of your 1st year on the pro scene, what have you taken from your performances?


“I appreciate that man. The main thing I’ve taken from my performances firstly, getting down to the weight plays a huge part in performing well at that weight. My first cut to 85kg was pretty tough, I didn’t perform as well as I wanted to. Now I’m taking it more seriously, in all aspects of training. Dieting, hydrating the right way, that takes up a big part on how you’ll perform against high class opponents.”


The weight cuts can be pretty grueling.


“Yeah, definitely.”


Has there been a particular bout that has stood out for you, since making your professional debut back in January?


“When I won against Tee Cummins in my first bout for LFA, it stood out for me. I was able to showcase how strong and athletic I am compared to all the other people in my weight class. It made me pretty excited about what was to come next, and the learning process after.”


That was a great debut, in the UK we have to stay up pretty late to catch LFA. I always try to make the effort to tune in when I can.


“Yeah, I didn’t realise how big the time difference was until I checked when we were arranging our interview hahahaha.”


Hahaha, yeah, it’s pretty huge.


Especially when we have to stay up for the UFC and Bellator etc. Bellator 286 started for us at 12am and the Main-Event finished just before 6am.


“That is crazy! And awful hahahaha.”


Many exceptional warriors across the Mixed Martial Arts scene lay out a set of personal goals as they venture forth on their respective journey’s. What has been your main goal this year?


“My main goal is to pretty much show everybody that I’m an all-around freestyle fighter, that I can do everything in the cage. I wanna go up against the top Black Belts, the main Kickboxers and the good wrestlers. To show everybody that’s watching around the world that I beat everybody across all Martial Arts.”


You definitely have proved that you’re a stand out in the Middleweight division.


“Thank you brother.”


As previously stated, you have taken your exceptional arsenal to three MMA organisations this year, but LFA has played host to your most recent victories. Would it be your preference to call Legacy Fighting Alliance the home of your career?


“Definitely for the next few fights I’ll be at LFA, until I get the big call from Dana I’m gonna stick with them.”


Possibly see you on the next Contender series, that’d be a great opportunity.


“Oh yeah!”


There is such an array of talent on offer with LFA, and so many potential matchups for you as you look to make a statement in the Middleweight division. Given the choice, who would your preferred opponent be next?


“Honestly I don’t care who it is, I just need someone to sign the dotted line and I’ll take care of the job, and I’ll bring the show to whatever state or country it’s in.”



That’s great to hear, take each and every opportunity you can, you’ve made quite the statement this year. I look forward to witnessing it.


“I’ve fought everybody they’ve sent my way no matter what their record was, I don’t care if they’ve been fighting for years and years. I only started out two years ago, I’m ready for everybody.”


I’ll make sure to stay up for your next one too.




It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you today Dylan and I look forward to witnessing your professional journey unfold.


“I appreciate you having me brother, thank you.”


Anytime mate.


Last but not least, do you have a message for your fans and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“I wanna give a shout-out to the Demolition Fight Team and all my training partners there, shout-out to Gary young. The message for the fans is keep staying Mindless.”

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