Richard Wragg – “The vision for Eryxgear is global”

None in recent memory has erupted onto the fight scene like Eryxgear. Everywhere you look whether it’s Cage Warriors, PFL and even the UFC, fighters have been repping Richard Wragg’s creation.



I had the opportunity to speak with Richard today to gain some insight into what it took to make his dream a reality.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today Richard, it’s a pleasure to be able to speak about your journey.


Like all success stories, there is the tale of how it all began. For the reader, could you take a trip down memory lane and enlighten us on what started Eryxgear?


“18 months ago I saw the opportunity to make the gymshark of mma. I’ve been a fan of combat sports for over a decade, originally boxing then later into MMA, largely the prime Connor McGregor era. I’ve spent so many nights watching huge events, visiting domestic shows and countless hours consuming fight content. I’ve always thought I should start a business within combat sports one day, but I had no idea what that business was going to be or when one day was.”


“One evening my mind was in overdrive with ideas and I stumbled on the apparel idea. I’d watched videos about the drastic climb of Gymshark at the same time the gym industry boomed, since its launch a decade ago there’s now 10 + gyms in every city and gymshark is worth billions.”



“The sport has become more commercial in recent years and I think it’s about to BOOM. I could see MMA being the leading sport in the next 10 years and A fire was lit in my stomach. Since that night I’ve poured petrol on that flame every single day. I’ve manifested my ideas, I’ve seen the future of this sport, Eryx is number 1. Globally. I just had to go work out how the hell you launch an MMA clothing brand.”


Your efforts are plain to see across many MMA events and organisations, and is becoming quite the favourite amongst a lot of fighters. Along the way, you have accumulated a vast number of fighters to sponsor, I’m guessing a few great memories also.


Has there been a memorable moment since starting out that will always hold a fond memory for you?


“So many, and the pace I’m going at there’s new priceless memories every week. A couple stand out around seeing my brand on fighters I admire and shows I am obsessed with. Some of our long-time supporters like Paull McBain that first put us on shows like Cage Warriors, Keir Harvie on EFC in South Africa, Charlie Leary and Jordan Barton on Bellator, Reece Mcewan who’s had a very good run of form again on cage warriors. Sam Patterson recently reached out to wear our kit on his contender series’s fight week in vegas. There’s so many more but they stand out to me, It’s wild. I even had the pleasure of meeting our very own world champ Leon Edwards at a regional show this past weekend, and he asked me for some kit. I often have to laugh and pinch myself.”



“I’ve also enjoyed the upgrades in media in recent weeks, running elite level promos with the top UK gyms, website model shoots, securing a warehouse, and being interviewed by the grafters in combat sports media just like yourself. I’m really grateful for the platform.”


It’s great to have the opportunity to chat with you mate.


As previously stated, Eryx is being spotted across many organisations. As you grow as one of the leading brands out there, have you made any plans to expand your contacts and spread the brand to even more fighters globally?




Image by Avk Creatiff


“We are number 1 in the UK now there is debate. And the vision for Eryxgear is global. I speak to a host of major management companies, event promoters and their fighters, UFC Fight Pass shows, PFL MMA and some European regional shows. We are starting some promo with international pro fighters this quarter to test the water, we have a lot on offer. If we pull these opportunities off early, jaws will drop. It’s exciting but there’s no rush; we’ll get there when the time is right.”


Your recent collaboration with Brad Pickett‘s Great Britain Top Team brought to light some of your recent additions to tour catalogue, it must have been a special day for yourself brushing shoulders with the UFC legend and his team?


“I just remember telling myself don’t say anything stupid the whole journey there! It’s a little strange meeting icons of the sport but Brad is something else. He’s building something incredible at GBTT. It’s already a HUB for domestic and international fighters and it will catapult UK MMA with the established stars and the young guns about to be unleashed into the pro scene. Great people, no egos, no bullshit, just a hard working, hard training, super talented squad. So yeah, really pleased they welcomed me in with open arms and we will continue to work with Brad and his team.”



I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the gym on many occasions. I have to agree, it’s one of the most well oiled machines out there, it’s such an amazing atmosphere, and the fighters as well as coaching staff are so humble.


Your successful enterprise as well as all the hard work put in, is something many entrepreneurs will be mesmerised by. What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to get a foot in the door?


“Stop waiting, take the risks, just get going! I procrastinated for a long time as I didn’t know what to do or how to start, but the secret is, nobody does, you go work it out. You start a list, google your way through it, tick it off one by one. How to register a business, how to design t-shirts in photoshop, How to find clothing suppliers. How much are shipping fees, how the hell do I make a website, What is marketing, you’re gonna work it all out along the way. And on the bad days where it’s tough – think – what if this turns out better than I can even imagine. You’ll be surprised where a little momentum can get you.”


“I for one am definitely a great fan of your work, I look forward to witnessing your journey unfold Richard and hope you hit the goals you’ve set out for yourself.”


Last but not least, do you have a message for the readers and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Thank you! And thank you for the interview first and foremost.”


“I want to thank everyone that talks about Eryxgear, the social media followers, everyone that actually pays their hard earned cash on our fight gear. Thank you for the relentless social media tags we have now of fighters amateur and pro repping our gear for their fight. It’s an amazing feeling, I don’t think I even have the words to even do it justice. But you’re helping me follow my dream and growing something very special for MMA. For the readers, fighters or fight fans, encourage your friends to watch UFC, drag them to regional shows, go to your local gym, do that beginners course you’ve always thought about, follow the fan pages, podcasts, local fighters… get immersed in the future of combat sports. Be ready, because we are.”


Make sure to head over to the Eryxgear website, and see some of the exceptional new arrival here.


Feature image by Avk Creatiff

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