Cage Warriors 146 Weigh-in results

Cage Warriors 146 Weigh-in results

Cage Warriors 146 is set with two title bouts, after all four headliners made weight successfully on Friday morning in Manchester.


Full weigh-in results for the main card and preliminary bouts – both of which stream live on UFC Fight Pass – can be found below, along with updated start times.


Cage Warriors 146 | LIVE on UFC Fight Pass


Main Card – 12:30pm (PT) | 3:30pm (ET) | 8:30pm (GMT) | 9:30pm (CEST)


Marian Dimitrov (184.9lbs)) vs Christian Leroy Duncan (c) (184.8lbs)


Mateusz Figlak (169.4lbs) vs Jimmy Wallhead (169.4lbs)


Chuck Campbell (203lbs) vs Andrew Clamp (201.1lbs)


Stipe Brčić (124.7lbs) vs Aaron Aby (125.6lbs)


Martin Causse (171lbs) vs Adam Cullen (168.7lbs)


Prelims – 09:30am (PT) | 12:30pm (ET) | 5:30pm (GMT) | 6:30pm (CEST)


Karol Kutyła (145.3lbs) vs Luke Riley (144.9lbs)


Jordy Bakkes (144.9lbs) vs Antonio Sheldon (145lbs)


Jack Eglin (135.7lbs) vs Sam Kelly (134.1lbs)


Araik Margarian (145.5lbs) vs James Hendin (145.2lbs)


Łukasz Kopera (155.7) vs Aaron Johnson (155lbs)


Teodoro Scolieri (135.9lbs) vs Reece McEwan (134.8lbs)


Samuel Bark (145.8lbs) vs Manny Akpan (145.6lbs*)


Tom Mearns (145.6lbs) vs Milad Ahady (145.7lbs)


Faisal Malik (143.7lbs) vs Liam Gittins (142.6lbs)


Akpan originally weighed-in at 149.4lbs

Kopera originally weighed-in at 157.7lbs

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