Elias Boston – “It means a lot to make my debut”

Elias Boston – “It means a lot to make my debut”

Fightstar Championship is just a week away, many of the fight games most well rounded professionals and entertaining amateurs will take centre stage at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London on November 19th.


For Elias Boston of Team Crossface, it will be a night to remember. Taking on Patrick Taggart on his first step on his amateur career.


I caught up with Elias as fight night draws near, to find out just what his inclusion means to the young prospect.


Elias Kane Boston (0-0-0) is an English amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Bantamweight division, representing Team Crossface. He will be making his amateur debut on November 19th at Fightstar Championship 23.


I’d like to kick things off by thanking you for taking the time to speak with me today Elias, and also to congratulate you on your upcoming inclusion to the Fightstar Championship 23 card.


“It’s a pleasure to talk to you, and thank you, it’s good to finally make my amateur debut.”


The pleasure is all mine mate.


As we approach the final stretch, and final preparations are put in place for battle on November 19th, it is time to reflect on the journey. How has training camp been in the build-up to your scheduled inclusion in the capital?


“My fight camp has been very good, I’ve had lots of support from my team and coaches at Crossface, pushing me and making sure I’m in the best condition I can be leading into this fight.”



From my visit last month, I see all the effort you guys do to push each other, was grateful to be able to witness it in person.


The home of your training is at one of the finest established gyms in the country in Team Crossface. Under head coach Dave Lee, who holds a vast insight into life in the cage, as well as having many exceptional amateurs and well-rounded professionals alike to learn from, it must be a tremendous feeling to have them in your corner as you embark on your own part?


“It’s honestly great to have them in my corner. I trained with Dave for a couple years when I was younger, then found my way back once I was old enough to travel to training by myself as I knew the quality of training under him is always high level. And having other teammates in my corner will also be great as they’ve trained with me and pushed me to be in the shape that I am in right now.”


You have some phenomenal examples to lead you along your path at Team Crossface, no doubt about it.


Previously set to take the walk to the Ambition Fight Series cage at the tail end of last month, it seemed like preparations were in vain. When receiving the call to compete at Fightstar as well as the same opponent, it must have been a huge sigh of relief?


“I was very grateful that my opponent hadn’t changed his plans on fighting and we had the ability to move our fight over to fightstar.”


I can imagine, and incredibly enough you had the same fight, well played by Fightstar.


What does it mean to you to be making your amateur debut on a stage where so many big names have before you?


“It means a lot to make my debut and begin to show off my talent on a big stage like this.”


On November 19th, you are set to take on Patrick Taggart on a night Fightstar fans will not soon forget. What are your thoughts on Patrick as you prepare for your collision in Crystal Palace?



“Honestly haven’t seen too much of young Patrick, but I know that he’s done some boxing and competed. Some of my training partners have fought with his though. however, I can’t base him as a fighter off of his team.”


As previously stated, Fightstar Championship 23 has been the talking point for many as one of the biggest card’s Raj Singh and his team have put together in their illustrious history. Other than your inclusion on the night are there any matchups in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“Jones vs Cummins is looking like it’ll live up to be a war of a fight, I haven’t looked into too much of the other fights as I’m focused on my own, but I’m going to make sure I have a good seat to watch that fight take place.”


I completely agree, the main event has been highly anticipated, what a fight its gonna be.


It’s been great speaking with you today Elias, and I wish you all the best for next week.


“Thank you for this opportunity to talk, and thank you for your time Aaron.”


Any time Elias.


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“For the people in attendance or watching at home, don’t miss out on watching Saturday night, i will not fail to impress. A big shout out to my team and coaches, they’ve been amazing during this camp.”


Catch Elias and many more phenomenal warriors take centre stage at what’s shaping up to be an incredible fight card on November 19th at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London. Tickets will be made available from the fighters as well as via the Fightstar Championship website here. Also available on PPV for only £12.99 with Fight Ticket.




Fightstar Championship are proudly affiliated with the English Mixed Martial Arts Association (EMMAA) who’s prime goal is To develop and promote the education, training and safeguarding of young people, competitors and coaches in MMA.

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