Post fight interview with Oscar Ferydooni ECMMA 12

The level of talent on show in Rochester for ECMMA 12 was plain to see. The team went all out to make their debut in the Casino Rooms, a night of pure unadulterated organised violence.


Oscar Ferydooni vs Declan Marshall was definitely one of the evening’s fights of the night.


I caught up with the victorious Oscar Ferydooni shortly after, to grab some words on just what the night meant to him and his team.


Oscar ferydooni (4-2-0) is an English amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Bantamweight division, representing MCMA. Oscar has competed for Fusion FC, Cage Warriors South-East, Olympus Fight Series, Fightstar Championship and made his debut for ECMMA in Rochester at ECMMA 12.


Congratulations on that phenomenal win Oscar, how do you feel after that performance?


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“Tired, very tired. I didn’t think I’d get that tired, that quick but he worked me hard. It’s a small cage as well so you have to put in a bit of a shift, so I definitely earned the victory there.


You looked very hungry for the submission, right at the last the crowd was on their feet expecting it to be called. Was that your game plan going into this one?


“Yeah for sure, very disappointed at not securing the finish. I know I’m better than that, I know I’m capable of getting the finish on high level guys like what I do at the gym. I’m just striving on each performance on how I look, and to show what I can do, but he was tough. He had me in some bad spots, I potentially underestimated his grappling so respect to him. But like I said, it was hard work.”


Your ground game was on point, you really showed your levels out there.


“If I don’t get the finish, I’d like to say I was dominant in my performance, especially in the grappling area. I’m working really hard on my striking, but I never got to show it, but like I said it’s a small cage. You took a couple of steps back or forward and you were on the fence. There weren’t a lot of opportunities especially for someone who’s predominantly a grappler to try to flow with my strikes, each time I try to get a little bit better.”


A great bout none the less mate. What’s next in the pipeline for you, would a return to ECMMA be on the cards and around the regional circuit?


“Yeah, definitely either or all. I wanna just get more experience, I’m looking to work my way to be able to represent my country in tournaments internationally, it’s the ultimate goal right now. I know there’s some shows in the next 2-3 months as I’ve got no injuries. It would be good. ECMMA is great, it’s actually my 1st time on the show, the promoter works on a few different shows, I’d be happy to come back to ECMMA, I’d be honoured to.”


My first time here also, it’s a well run promotion, no doubt about it.


Congratulations once again mate, before you go is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“I’d like to give thanks to my team. PK as always, there’s  not a lot of guys out there that would dedicate the time and attention to a young fighter like he does, there’s no one that I’m more thankful for than him. Also of course a huge thanks to my coach Greg, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s got the best work ethic in the game, he’s out every other weekend, whether it’s internationally, travelling across the country, he’s always working hard for the fighters. Big thanks to the guys at APEX as well, pushing me hard. I’ve been down to Gracie Barra and Fulham and Kensington, those guys are second to none. And of course my strength and conditioning coach Jan, getting me on that bike every week. I could be here all day thanking people, if I’ve forgotten someone I’m sorry, I’m thankful for everything.”

Feature image by AvK Creatiff

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